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CapnJack 02-05-2013 01:44 AM

The Infamous Hi-Point....
Sooo i hear alot about how these things are a big bundle of suck," you get what you pay for", the butt of many handgun jokes and so on and so forth.

So i bought one(45) :D I wanted somthing that i didnt have to spit polish and gouge my eyes out if i ever dumped it outta canoe.

Had a old buddy go with me to the LGS and hava looksee around at couple models, since he has a great overall knowledge over things that go bang.

I pointed at the HP, and he just shrugged and said hes never even held one let alone shoot one. As he was telling me about shooting some "goldcup" thing or rather we headed out to the range out back.

I pulled it outta the box and commenced. Handling it was blocky and clunky, and she werent even in the same room with pretty. The handle was cheap hollow plastic that was hard to hold onto.

I rack the slide and look at him with the, "well heres goes nothing look". He looks back at me with a big toothy grin. As i look down it(thinking to myself, im glad nobodys out here but us 2) I release the safety, reset and squeeze. Hmmm went bang.

Empting the clip, i knew before i put it down that no matter how much i didnt Want to like it, i did.

I didnt tell Tom that right yet. I wanted him to try it. I havent picked up a handgun in years, and i wanted sombody seasoned to giv me the honest op.

He smiled and told me id done good just to stay inside the big box on the paper lol. He loads a clip and puts it up like he knows what hes doing, and does his thing.

His eyebrows are raised and his head is shakin up n down. Notbad notbad, he says. Hes talkin bout the gun, not his shootin.

Okok now im just ramblin. bottom line. I bought the thing b4 i tried it, and i dont have much bad to say about it. I threw a rubber grip on it and end of story.:p

JonM 02-05-2013 01:55 AM

despite the hate they work good. they do have drawbacks like weight size capacity but its a great inexpensive gun. if it doesnt work hi point will make it work or replace it with one that does.

if all you need is a shooter its a no brainer

Rick1967 02-05-2013 02:01 AM

They are shooters. They go bang every time you pull the trigger. They are ugly and heavy. But they are a great value. Heavy guns are easy to control. I speak from experience. I had a 45. Sorry I ever got rid of it.

CJM545 02-05-2013 02:09 AM

So I'm going go ahead and post my first on this! I too went ahead and bought a hp 45, thought if it don't shoot I'll club them. I can honestly say that I have put 2000 rounds thru it w/maybe 1 or 2 problems with them feeding other then that its been a fun gun to shoot and for $150 bucks when I'm done I just toss it back into my truck tool box and she is ready to go for the next round!

Axxe55 02-05-2013 02:09 AM

Cons: top heavy, blocky, ugly as an outhouse!

Pros: they shoot every time, great CS, excellent warranty, and the warranty goes with the gun, not the person.

these are excellent pistols for people on a tight budget. most detractors who flame on the Hi-Point, more than likely have never even shot one, much less even owned one. on i haven't either, but a friend of mine got one in a trade he did for another gun. well se commenced to try and destroy it. well we failed and it won! tough pistols.

personally i think a person would be hard pressed to find a better pistol in the same price range, NIB as the Hi-Point.

boatme98 02-05-2013 02:26 AM

Had a 45 just to check it out. Shot the neck out of it (this freaking tablet keeps changing what I type!) and loved it. A friend offered me what I paid for, so it was gone. I'll definitely get another if a deal pops up.
Let the haters wail. It's a great weapon.

bigbomar4 02-05-2013 03:49 AM

ITS UGLY!! That being said I would not feel unsafe if that is all I had to defend myself with. I have shot a whole bunch of rabbits and skunks with my dad's hi-point. They go bang everytime and you can abuse the heck out of them. Cant beat it for the price.

hiwall 02-05-2013 12:29 PM

I have shot only one 9mm that a friend bought at a yard sale cheap. So ugly that it should only come out at night. But it was surprisingly accurate and never jammed. Make a good truck gun. Plastic trigger had me worried.

eldarbeast 02-05-2013 01:02 PM

Last year I bought a C9 new in the box for $159 counting tax. Since then, I have fired more than 1900 rounds through it. The 8-shot C9 had some teething problems early on, but after the first 200 rounds, the only ammo it refuses to shoot is white box Winchester 115gr 9mm.

I invited some friends out to the property and we fired 400 rounds through it at distances from 3 feet to 75 feet. It shot to point of aim. Some of us were more accurate than me. We used Federal, Winchester, Monarch (both steel and brass casings), Remington UMC and one box of Lellier and Bellot.

As before, it didn't like the Winchesters. Fortunately one of the guys brought his Canadian Browning Hi-Power and it had zero problems with the Winchester stuff. My C9 really liked the Monarch brand. It shot a lot more accurately than the other brands. (Cheap ammo/cheap gun...?).

I am saving to buy a matching Carbine chambered for 9mm. It comes with a 17.5 inch barrel and three different aiming options.

Both the handguns and Carbines are '+P' rated.

Good value for the money.

They don't cost as much as a Kimber, but you receive more value for your money, imo.


qwiksdraw 02-05-2013 05:23 PM

Just think how much better your High Point will be when you load it with magazines instead of "clips"!

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