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Are there quantity restrictions in the UK?
Yes normally 1000 rds per firearm. You can request more if you are doing a lot of shooting target shooting etc.
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Enough to fill my mags, that's it. I don't believe anything is going to happen that would find me needing any more than that. Also always have thousands of rounds of 22lr, but thats just because the boxes I buy have more than I shoot in one session. Sometimes I've got an extra 50 of 9mm or 45acp after a range session, like now, but I don't ever feel any need or desire to keep a "stock pile".

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For the past two years, every week when my wife buys groceries, she gets 100 rounds of .380, 9mm, or .40 cal. Whenever we go shooting, we buy what we shoot. I'd say we're pretty stocked up. Do I think I'll ever shoot it all? No. Do I think the world is going to end? I hope not, but if we do have any major economic collapse, I plan on trading ammo for toilet paper and food. :-)

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As many ruonds of JHP as you think you'll be able to shoot before you either win the fight or get killed/captured.

Seriously, enormous amounts of ammo may be good trading stock if the SHTF.

But a basic load of 210 5.56 and 50 9MM JHP is all you need for your own use.

I have a lot more, but I consider it trading stock if he balloon goes up.

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About 150 rounds less than when I got up this morning.

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As for 22LR, about 5,000 rounds mixed between various types of target, subsonic and supersonic ammo. As for everything centerfire, a Dillon 650. You didn't ask about how many primers, bullets and brass so I'll say...enough.

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I am figuring to build a shed using battle packs for bricks. That way when Bob Thefed comes to search the compound he won't find it all. I just have to figure out how many battle packs it would take.

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Well it turned out to be a white Christmas.. Winchester white box Christmas..
Got 350 rounds of wwb from the wife.

Range here I come! Practice makes subpar decent

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sold all mine to some dude named juan valdez from juarez


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I normally keep at least 200-300 rounds in every caliber that I own. The only issue is that I own 12 different calibers of firearms. I have found that I am purchasing more ammo in bulk now, so that 200-300 rounds have grown...... Until I go to the range

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