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How much ammo do you keep at home?

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Paul- to answer your question, we really don't know- yet. Ammunition that was created after the advent of the mercuric primer used the "corrosive" primer- based on potassium chlorate. After WW 2, the US began using non-corrosive pimers - about mid 1950s- based on lead azide.

Pre WW 2 ammo is still being shot. IF it was stored cool and dry, stuff from the 1930s still goes BANG. About 80 years- so far. The lead azide primed stuff is just about the same- store cool, dry, and it will outlast you.
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Originally Posted by paulbrower View Post
Ok, so another question. How long does ammo last? I assume dozens of years, but not sure.

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I keep mine cool, dark, and dry! I am sure it will outlive me, but there's probably not a real definitive answer to that question.
That being said I hoard around 10,000 .22 lr, and about 1000 in shotgun (12, 20, and .410)
Other than that, just a few hundred for each caliber, but a bunch of primers, brass, powder, and bullets for my favorites!
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Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
About 80 years- so far.... store cool, dry, and it will outlast you.
Wow! That's good to know!
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For my pistols i try to keep a minimum of 500 rounds each.
I keep at least 2500 22lr in stock too. Usually a lot more but haven't been shooting them too much lately.
Now for my rifles it depends what caliber they are. But usually around 1k each except for 30-06 and 243 because i am too broke!
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I'm in the 1K range for each caliber. It does crack me up to see how many rounds of .22 people keep. I just think of all those rounds bouncing around inside some poor bastage...
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Wow have I got some catching up to do!

150 - 12g
200 - S&W .40
500 - 22lr

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Speaking of stock-piling, who the hell has been hogging all the .380 because I damned sure cant find any around me for anywhere near a reasonable price!
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160rds- 30-30 soft point
330rds- 7.62x54r FMJ
40rds- 7mm rem mag soft point
200rds- 12 gauge target loads
100rds- 38 special +P hollow point
100rds- 357 mag hollow point
1000rds- 22lr
250rds- 9mm luger

I collect over time, I might shoot some every now and then but I replace it so I pretty much always have a stock pile except when I get a really itchy trigger finger, last year I blew through all of it in two days
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I keep very little at the moment, due to living in a tiny apartment and not having a safe place to store it. Generally just whatever is left over from my latest trip to the range, though I do keep at least 100 rounds of good-quality JHP for my 9mm, which is my primary home defense weapon.

My wife and I are buying a house this fall with a basement, and I plan on keeping a bit larger stock then.
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Last time I moved to a new house, I hired some help.
How much ammo do you keep at home? - General Handgun Discussion
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