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How Close?

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I recall reading somewhere the suggestion of keeping your firearm far enough away that you are awake and aware before you can get to your firearm so you don't shoot a family member or a friend. In a busy home this may make sense. To me it made more sense that my family and friends know that I slept with a firearm on the night stand and have one close when awake so knock and annouce is proto call, better yet call ahead. Five seconds seem like a short space in time unless there a BG busting into your home, then I expect it seems like an hour.

A defense weapon needs to be in a position to counter the unexpected, truly hard to boil it down to how many seconds you may have. I expect if you are hands on in five seconds you are fine.
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Remember, we are being reactive to a situation. The BG has already taken action.
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I know a man who has a firearm in every room of his house. No matter where he is in his home there is a firearm close, even when on the john.

I prefer to just keep one with me, looking at it right now in fact. At night it's on my night stand within arms reach.
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Originally Posted by CA357 View Post
When I'm in bed, it's next to me on the nightstand within less than an arms reach. On the desk in front of my right hand when I'm on the computer. Next to my leg when I'm on the couch.

Even that close, it can still take time to get oriented.
Ditto, i live in a not so good area and home invasions happen very often in my apt's where the door's are kicked in 90% of the time, i keep a fire arm within reach at all times. I am lucky the police response time to my area is crazy, there here before you call them.
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In lockbox on bed frame at night and usually my CCW is on my body. I would think if awoken at night, it would take a few seconds to figure out what woke you up and for you determine if there might be a threat. For me just a couple more seconds to access my handgun. I think 5 seconds would be reasonable in the amount of time it would take me in the middle of the night to be ready for someone to come thru my bedroom door. Chances are it will take him longer to reach it from his point of entry and I will be ready.
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Always have it within arms reach. I don't believe in keeping my defense gun locked in a safe, last thing I want to do is get shot while fumbling around unlocking my safe. When I get up and get dressed I put on my CC rig and leave it on all day usually. If I'm in bed it's on the night stand less than an arms reach away. Always keep a round chambered too...all I have to do is pick it up and pull the trigger.
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Try a little experiment.
Put a glass of water in the microwave.
Turn it on for 5 seconds.
Try to get your firearm.

10 seconds is a long time when taking a self portrait with the camera, but 20 seconds is too short if you have to cross the room.
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Keep a gun in your pocket at all times, then you'll be ready no matter what. Even though I keep pistols scattered all over my home, and I still keep one in my pocket. Also, never open the door without having your gun in hand.
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Originally Posted by Mark F View Post
Also, never open the door without having your gun in hand.
Absolute truth here folks.

I have a vicious little mutt (ask Silentghost) but I'm never more than arm's length away from a loaded gun in my home - even in the bathroom...
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Five seconds is a long time if the BG is already in the room with you. I want to be able to reach a weapon in less time than that. I keep a gun on me or within easy reach when I'm awake. It's in a small safe on the nightstand when I'm asleep. At night, the key stays in the lock, and the safe has a spring-loaded door. So a quick twist, the door drops, and I have my gun.

But I'm all about "extending my perimeter." We have a dog, primarily for companionship, but she's an excellent alarm/deterrent.

There are a lot of alarm devices that can be added to doors and windows without having to maintain an alarm service.

Nothing is perfect, of course, and everyone's situation is different. But it's worth looking around to find ways to buy yourself more than five seconds.
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