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USEBOTHHANDS 02-12-2011 11:11 PM

How Close?
i read somewhere, or saw a video clip where a home defense weapon NEEDS to be within 5 seconds or less of attainability..............any thoughts?

deathkricket 02-12-2011 11:16 PM

Would you want some one chasing you threw your house shooting at you? I'd say its a good idea to have one handy or at least in the same room.

USEBOTHHANDS 02-12-2011 11:44 PM

5 seconds is gone faster than can get to the: closet, safe (and open it), top of book case, etc, etc....................i'm not saying NOT to keep it that close, was wonderin if the "time frame" sounds about right?

skullcrusher 02-13-2011 12:11 AM

I say that if you are sleeping and someone really wants to come in and do you harm, you have less than 5 seconds.

dunerunner 02-13-2011 12:26 AM

An alarm system or a dog will give you more than 5 seconds. No companionship with an alarm system and the dog will cost you more than the alarm system in the long run. What's your life worth?

c3shooter 02-13-2011 01:08 AM

Defense in depth- I want to know when you are thinking about looking at getting close to being somewhere near my property line- not when you are climbing thru the kitchen window. That extends the "5 second" rule quite a bit. For a large enough property, I may have time to have breakfast first. :p

skullcrusher 02-13-2011 01:25 AM

I believe the OP is posing a relevant question as to how much time you have to react to an invader and about the readiness of defense.

Dogs, alarms and acreage are all good points, but what about the millions of folk who don't have the luxury of any of those. Alarms can be breached. What if your apartment building (the only place you could find in your budget) won't allow dogs?

Handy dandy within quick reach of a firearm is the way to go, imo.

Prepare for 5 or less seconds to react, and hope for much 7 seconds.

Dillinger 02-13-2011 01:30 AM

Stands to reason it's a sound philosophy if you live in a high crime area, live by yourself or without small children, things like that.

However I have two dogs that I wouldn't trade for damn near anything because of their "pack - us vs. them" mentality. No one is getting into this house and causing harm in 5 seconds without taking a significant amount of damage.

Then again I don't live in an area that has seen a home invasion / robbery / murder since we have lived here. There are other cities that do have that happening, but where we live, not so much.

I think your home defense depends on the situational awareness of where you live.

Some places 5 seconds might not be enough. Others, you could deal with a closet or small safe storage because of the environment.


CA357 02-13-2011 01:30 AM

When I'm in bed, it's next to me on the nightstand within less than an arms reach. On the desk in front of my right hand when I'm on the computer. Next to my leg when I'm on the couch.

Even that close, it can still take time to get oriented.

JonM 02-13-2011 01:42 AM

most home invasions happen with a knock at the door. the most dangerous thing you can do is answer the door when your not expecting visitors. at that point gun should ne in hand ready to go.

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