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fapprez 08-09-2008 01:21 PM

Handgun Manufacturer Question
So I had an add on a website trying to get rid of 450lbs of weights I don't use, When this guy responds to me with an offer: He'd give me his QFI 380 for the weights plus $50 cash.

Has anyone ever heard of QFI? I tried searching the net but all I could come up with was listings for parts from different sites?

Would this be a gun I could use every weekend or will I become "That Guy" who spends most of his range time unjamming and cleaning and unjamming his gun?

ANy help is appreciated.


matt g 08-09-2008 04:31 PM

I'd pass, they don't even have a website:
What I am coming across , though, suggests that they're PPK knock offs. Some are really good, some are really poor.

fapprez 08-10-2008 01:02 AM

Thanks, but I have answered my own question. Here's the heads up for you all as well.

QFI, Quality Firearms Incorporated, Started business in 1991 and ended business in 1992. During that time, Florida had began trying to ban "Saturday Night Specials", and QFI was included in the lawsuit, thereby causing their demise. They made auto pistols, and single and double action revolvers. The .25 and .380s had a primary and a varient model. They also had one called the Tigress, which seems to have been blued frame and a gold plated slide. From what I gather, a QFI .25 sa IN NEW condition is valued at $55. In 70% condition, the price drops to $25. The short production years mean that replacement parts are virtually non existant, but then again, at $25 a pop, throw the thing away and buy a new one. Although their name says quality, from what I found, these pistols were anything BUT quality.

The reason I asked is this feller only told me in an email he had a 380. I told him I would trade him a shotgun and then asked him for a pic and more info. Well, I cant trade a $350 shotgun for a $40 pistol and a half of a box of shells.

I guess I would stay away from this brand, yall.

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