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Mr. Bluesky 09-19-2010 01:07 PM

Gun Show This Weekend
I'm planning to go to the Gun & Knife show in Novi this weekend, to look for something to carry when I get my CPL. Even if I don't buy anything, it'll be nice to be able to compare guns in person rather than from a few pictures and a specification list.

... But, if I do want to buy something, what should I be looking for to determine the condition of a gun? Obviously finish wear, but I'm more concerned with the condition of the rifling and working parts. Are dealers usually pretty honest when it comes to reporting condition?

Mr. Bluesky 09-25-2010 09:36 PM

Went to the show today, had a lot of fun. For some reason, almost every vendor there had an HK P7 or two for sale. Seemed a little strange.

Anyway, I was there to browse, but also looking for two specific possibilities for my upcoming CCW. I picked up a Makarov PM, the first gun I was looking for, and wasn't all that impressed. Learned from one vendor that a mint condition Sig P225, the other thing I was looking to try, had run out the door about an hour before I got there. Wasn't too heartbroken, though, because I decided to hold a Colt Defender. Wow. I need to find a short-barrel 1911 to shoot and check out the recoil, but it felt great in my hand, and I couldn't believe how light it was. It's definitely my new first choice.

On my way out, I got to fondle a Browning model 1910/71, the version with the enlarged grip, lengthened barrel, and target sights. I will own one of these .380's at some point, it was just the coolest little gun I've ever seen, and had a brilliant trigger.

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