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JolietGunner 05-17-2013 03:18 AM

Gun range
I was so happy to find a gun range for only $9 fir as long as you want.And targets only .20!Every where else near me is at least $19.95 and gotta buy ammo from them and targets .50.

BeyondTheBox 05-17-2013 03:44 AM

I won't do ranges for many reasons, but the nearest one to me is also the best price, however completely inconvenient... standing room for only 12 people, only open for handguns on Thursdays from 630-9pm. $10 nightly fee covers targets and session. Then you have to have a line Marshall who dictates everything that happens.

I'd never do guns if I didn't live in a state with plenty of outdoor shooting areas.

fortinsj 05-17-2013 09:22 AM

I have a similar NRA range like that near me. It's only $5 you first hour, then $1 every 15 min after that. So basically $5 the first hour then $4 every other hour. It's not a bad range. It's outdoors and has about 20 ports, but it only goes out to 100 yards. However they allow you to shoot whatever target you want, as long as you clean it up. We love pumpkins around halloween. Plus I get a military discount so my first hour is free. I can usually leave with spending under $5. Just can beat it. The next closest range is $27/hour with built in target stands so you can only shoot at their preset targets.

danf_fl 05-17-2013 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by JolietGunner (Post 1249302)
I was so happy to find a gun range for only $9 fir as long as you want.And targets only .20!Every where else near me is at least $19.95 and gotta buy ammo from them and targets .50.

Good find! Near Joliet?

SigArmored 05-17-2013 12:55 PM

Closest range to me is Babcock(also known as Cecil Webb)cost $6 for the day from about 7am. to about 7pm..You bring you're own targets and ammo.They have ranges for pistol,two for rifle,shotgun and archery.They also hold rapid fire sessions for class III twice a month.

JolietGunner 05-17-2013 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by danf_fl

Good find! Near Joliet?

Ya its about 15 minutes away.

DrFootball 05-18-2013 07:37 AM

A good Day at the Range!! How about You??
2 Attachment(s)
We we first got out here from "Back East", we were expecting the worst as far as cost per hr. we also found out that the two indoor ranges were an hour away unless we wanted to drive over a 7K foot Mtn. and 25 Mph, making it still 45 minutes away! The closest Outdoor facilities were 90 mins north, or 90 minutes east, or 2 hrs south(nr. Pheonix & Scottsdale) Luckily for us just before X-mas a new indoor range opened up just 20 minutes away. I was wary at first,..but were in such great company(a Veteran & Family Owned Business!!) that we now go as often as we can afford on my fixed ret. income and DW's current Unemployment!!(now 2x per month! Today we broke in DW's "new used" 6" Browning Buckmark as well as ran my still pretty new Mossberg with about 300 Rds. asst. mostly Winchester Hollow points and Remington round nose...
Shot less of the Handgun Ammo but still put 100 through my SR9, and 72 through my LC9. the only thing that Burned me was my just bought yesterday WaltherPP .32ACP has a Hairline crack in the Hammer!! Instead of just taking it back and arguing with the owner of my LGS(because he has done me a few solids!) The "smith" at the range store is going to fix it!(cheaply IMA!)
I also didn't notice this when examing it before purchase! i already put 50 rds through it!
Sidebar: after DW & I were there an Hr.,..2 guys show up with one of their Ladies(who def. was not dressed in "Range Attire";) with an SR40...
My wife and I continued on our drills and targets...Girlie never shot because either a) the .40 was jumping out of BF's hands, or b) she was shamed out of it when she saw DW punching 2 inch groups at 20 Yds. with my Late Dad's 5" Bullbarrel Security Six .357!
she also blew some 3" 10 Shot groups with the Browning(even if they were a bit "high"(see attached-Sry. slightly blurry because my iPhone 4S has too much "Ca Ca" on it and it slows the Camera down)

Next month we officially Join after doing the hourly rate the last 5 months(about 7 visits before today) at $12 an Hr. for Handgun/.22 Rifle(it's 15 for combined BigBore/Shotgun & Handgun & 10 for just Archery& firearms targets run from .29 to $2.49)...going to do an 18 month couples membership and get a free month!

My day was complete when my Pal @ Wally world said "look at the ammo case!! we finally got Handgun Ammo!!" and there were some PMC Ball in both .9mm and .38 just calling to me, well as some Hornady FMJ 45's(which I didn't pick up because I have 1200+ rds of .45 and don't shoot them anymore because the Full load stuff throws out this DAV's Back & shoulders:mad:)
and grabbed the new Guns & Ammo and saw that I live in the #1 State in the US for "Gun Friendly-ness"!! then i did my secomnd fave thing to do with my Gns after shooting them! Cleaning Them!!!(see 2 Rugers after full takedown and cleaning!)

DrumJunkie 05-18-2013 08:02 AM

Man I'm just plain lucky to be able to shoot at home. I still go to a range now and then bu tit's more of a social thing. I like meeting other gun people. Finding a good place to shoot is very important. I'm glad you could find one OP. For me it's a good drive to get to any supervised range. Many locals here use an old gravel pit. I have ot go t o one of the surrounding counties to find one to begin with. Befor eI moved to this county I use dot go to one that was run by the county park people. No range officer, just 3 bucks to get in and many didn't pay as a ranger did not often drive in to see what was going on. I use dot try and only go when I new one of the police dept sessions was going on. Fantastic place to get brass though. Most people left it lay. One weekend I picked up enough 9mm and .40 that I"ll probably never need to buy cases again. Not as much 45 but there was some, And all FREE! Another plus to going when LEO went was thy all used federal nickel plated hulls. DJ loves the nickel!!:D Come on a little before deer season and goof long gun brass was there too from people sighting in a deer gun.:)

I'd not be able to shoot near as much if I had to drive to one all the time, Plus pay for brass:eek:

KJG67 05-18-2013 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by JolietGunner (Post 1249302)
I was so happy to find a gun range for only $9 fir as long as you want.And targets only .20!Every where else near me is at least $19.95 and gotta buy ammo from them and targets .50.

Did you ever check out the ISRA range? Too far for me, but sounds like a great option. But with that one that cheap, why drive farther? :cool:

psymmonds 05-18-2013 02:18 PM

There is a gun range near me that is completely funded by the state. So it's free to shoot at, plus the targets are free as well. You do have to pay for the gas to get there because its about 45 min to an hour to get there

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