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gunguy9mm 11-24-2010 06:59 PM

gun cleaning & Lubing
For semi auto pistols and rifles, which grease for rails do you use and why did you choose it? Same questions for oil.

Logan2302 11-24-2010 07:11 PM

I don't use grease on my semi-autos. Oil only.

I use 5 drops of oil on a Glock.

Missileman 11-24-2010 07:12 PM

I only use oil on rails--Mobile One.

robocop10mm 11-24-2010 08:25 PM

Mobile One 5W-30

Overkill0084 11-25-2010 01:18 AM

I use a very light application of Motorcycle chain lube (PJ1). It flows in nicely and then stays put. Plus PJ1 is absolutely horrible on motorcycle chains (flings everywhere), so I had to find an alternative use for it.
Regular gun oil on everything else. When that runs out, probably Rotella.

CA357 11-25-2010 01:26 AM

I like TetraLube & Tetra grease. For cleaning, I use Hoppe's Elite. If things are really messed up, I use Bore Gel and also Sweet's 7.62.

To just do a wipe down, depending on the firearm, I either use RemOil or G96.

cpttango30 11-25-2010 01:58 AM

Wilson Combat Moly Grease for my rails on my 1911. It stay where I put it and it is as slick as snot on ice.

I HATE remoil.

Another good lube is Fluid Film Dano50 I think is the vendor here on FTF. Good stuff slicks everything right up.

JonM 11-25-2010 02:19 AM

i use breakfree clp. light coat has always been enough. i am a gun cleaning fanatic. in the army on field excersise using my weapon or not it got cleaned everyday. nowadays when i use one of mine it gets cleaned with at least a basic wipe down as soon as practical. i dont put grease on mine.

Gordo323 11-25-2010 03:15 AM

I have been using Mobile 28 for years, only on the slide and groove, it's a nasty looking red colored grease but has worked well in my guns. and I get it for free:confused:

danf_fl 11-25-2010 09:30 AM

What does the manufacturer say?

A light coat on the barrel near the bushing area.
1 drop on the hood area.
A little grease on the frame rails and sear/hammer contact area
A drop near the hammer pivot point.

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