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Grouping question

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Like most have said it's mostly practice, but there are some other variables too.

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Ok, so I'm off to the range with my 71928347128348 rounds of practice ammo...

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Good Luck to ya'
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If you plan to shoot competitively then 5" groups won't make the cut but for self defense its gonna get the job done. Don't lose sight of the objective which is competency and accuracy as a memorized act. Pin point precision is not required. As others have stated, practice makes perfect, perfect being a relative term. What is perfect for a casual shooter looking to hone his skills is worlds apart from what a Navy SEAL requires and quite honestly not everyone is capable of world class markmanship. Just like golf, millions of people play regularly, few make a living from it.
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Originally Posted by Thadeuce View Post
How? Man I can't even SEE a 2 inch group at 25 yards. ::sigh:: Maybe I should get a scope and some glasses...and not necessarily in that order.
LOL, don't feel bad, you're not alone. I am in the same boat and probably lots of (silent) others. Definitely tells me I need lots of practice.
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i too am gonna hafta give a "well it depends" answer. with my New England 22 revolver, from a standing position i can nearly every time hit a 32 ounce gatorade bottle at 50 yards. with my Radom Vis 35, i can nearly every time miss it at 50 yards :P . i'm not too bad with it up close but the small sights just don't work well with my eyes at any greater distance. plus another factor is that i have put thousands of rounds through the New England & maybe less than 1000 through the Radom.

when i was a teenager i couldn't hit snot with a hand gun, way too shaky, which also led to frustration & less fun. once i learned to slow down, breathe right, & squeeze the trigger rather than quickly pulling it, it all fell together rather quickly.

So dont' worry too much about it yet, in 4 months of shooting i'd say you're still doin pretty good. Just keep praticing & over time you will get better & better
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Originally Posted by Thadeuce View Post
Ok, maybe I'm not being clear. I want to know if people that group 2 inches from 25 yards are using something to rest the pistol on OR are they just standing and shooting?
when i was trained and qualified with the m9 in the marines.. the 25 yard line was the money maker.. its quite easy after some practice... so the answer to your question would be yes.. its very possible to shoot well at that distance

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