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flasaint727 06-02-2011 05:50 AM

Got a new piece need some info! just got a new gun here about a few hours ago. One of my good friends said he had a .22 for sale and it happen to be a berretta minx so i hopped on that deal he was askin 120 so i got it. Im just wonder about the info where its made. Im not sure if it was made in Italy Brazil or Usa and what kind or rounds are good to use with it and what the price on it and if i got a good deal. the serial code is BER 596XX T I also says on the left side of the slide Beretta-Mod.950 BS- .22 Short and on the right side of the slide it says Made Beretta USA Corp. ACKK, MD. and it has a B stamped on the barrel. Thanks again for all the help!

IGETEVEN 06-02-2011 12:52 PM

That Minx is made in America. If it was an Italian made the slide on the Italian made Minx is marked “Tipo Flobert” it simply means "Type Flobert", “Flobert" being an Italian or European designation for the .22 short. If it was made in Brazil it would be stamped on the slide as well.

As far as .22 short ammo, I prefer CCI for my .22's, but there is also Remington, Federal and Blazer out there as well.

boatme98 06-02-2011 09:46 PM

Accokeeke, Maryland.
Spelling might be off, havn't lived there in many years.

flasaint727 06-02-2011 10:25 PM

True! thanks for the info. DO you know if it is reliable gun and if it is accurate and sterdy? And how much do you think they go for?

sniper762 06-02-2011 11:48 PM

very reliable guns. not to fond of the caliber though.

i dont think they make them any longer.

you got a fair deal

flasaint727 06-04-2011 01:45 AM

Im just disappointed that the beretta wasnt made in Italy. It was made in USA ,but the clip its says made in Italy? I guess thats why it isnt worth as much as I thought. idk. Is the gun made for .22 LR rounds? I shot the regular remi short rounds. My new gun shot very well compared to my previous handguns like the raven .25 auto and the Jimenez .380 auto. Its put together alot better. I like the way its feels in my hand even though its a little pocket pistol and compared to my night stand hand gun my Taurus Model 80 .38 spl! By the way does anyone know about when my gun was made or around the age of it? Its a Beretta-Mod.950BS-.22Short ? Appreciate all the info! thanks

sniper762 06-04-2011 01:56 AM

Add to Collection

- .22 Short (disc. 1992) or .25 ACP cal., single action, alloy frame, 8 shot (.25 cal. only) or 6 shot mag., tip-up 2 1/2 and 4 in. (.22 S only) barrel, plastic grips, thumb safety, matte (new 1992, plastic grips only), blue or nickel finish, 9.9 oz. Mfg. in America beginning circa 1978. Disc. 2002.
















Last MSR was $226.

Add $22 for blue finish (disc. 1999).
Add $80 for nickel finish (disc. 1999).

This model was manufactured by Beretta U.S.A. Corp. in Accokeek, MD.

flasaint727 06-04-2011 02:22 AM

Cool man thanks for all the info man!

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