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Easy... My M47 Medusa... it doesnt really matter what ammo i grab....
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If the SHTF and I have to get outta Dodge and I have time to grab a handgun, then I'd have time to grab my "GO" bag which always has my Ruger Mark II and a half dozen mags (It'll keep me eating). My BHP with half dozen mags (Reliable and easy to find ammo) and I'm always wearing a 1911 and there's a half dozen extra mags for it in the go bag.
I carry a .45 because shooting twice is just silly!
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Default Knife? :)

Interesting question... I was thinking about it a while. If there was a raging tsunami about to wipe away my house and on end of the room was my pistol and on the other end was my knife and I could only rescue one before the wave hit, I think I'd grab my knife. My dad gave me my first pocket knife at 6, but I didn't shoot a real firearm (outside of BB guns) until I was almost 12. Forty years later and I'm still a lot more confident with a knife than with a pistol. I can use a knife right or left-handed but with pistols I am much more practiced using the right hand. It's funny too.. I won't name a particular knife because I'm comfortable with almost every knife I own .

If I did have to choose a single pistol though, it would be the Glock 17 or Glock 19, only because that's what I practice with most often.

(Oh.. I'm big on the 10,000 hour rule. It's the idea that to be masterly proficient at any skill, you need to put in at least 10,000 hours of practice. I'm there with the knife, but not even a fifth of the way there with the pistol. One day I'd like to reach a point where the actual pistol doesn't matter to how well I shoot.)
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Originally Posted by DoyleTheDog View Post
I'd have to go with my 4" GP100... Makes sense to me to grab a handgun that can shoot 38s or 357s.
Same for me too, since the OP said pistols only. If rifles were included I would take my M1 carbine.
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Nice question, it had me thinking between a 1911 or the sigma in .40, I think I would go with the sigma because of magazine capacity and the fact that if somthing happens to it, it wont be expensive to replace all the while my other guns will be safe in the safe ( hopefully ).
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I have two handguns, both 1911's. I plan on carrying the Kimber rather than the Sistema. In a SHTF situation, I should already be carrying it.

If we're talking long guns, then my Mini 14 gets the duty.
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Hanging on my bed post is my BIB. It has a bunch of must-have items for a short stint. It includes my BHP and several loaded mags. The primary flap is left open and my muscle memory is honed to reach in and pluck a ready-to-rock, 15+1 9mm "Felon Repellent" in the middle of the night.

The Browning would be my go-to-gun!

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Originally Posted by NGIB View Post
This thread is for folks that have a handgun "collection" as if you only have 1 or 2 it's probably already decided. Do you have a "go to gun"? This is the one you'd grab if the SHTF and you only had time to grab a single gun and ammo. I saw this question posed on another forum and I really didn't have an answer so I've been thinking about it this morning.

I love 1911s and have a half dozen of them but in a 1 gun situation it may be nice to have more capacity. I love .45 as well but I could carry more ammo (weight and space wise) with a smaller caliber. I wouldn't want something that is picky about ammo at all because you may be forced to use ammo you wouldn't normally buy like the steel cased Russian stuff. Would the gun you grab have night sights and/or a rail mounted light/laser? How about plastic versus steel versus alloy as you may not be able to care for your "friend" as diligently as you normally would?

I really don't have this quandary with rifles as I only have 2 and they are the same caliber anyway. I'd grab the AR versus the Mini 14 simply because I have more mags and I've shot it more. I'm still undecided about which of my handguns I'd grab right now so I thought this would make an interesting topic to discuss on a rainy Thursday...
Love to carry my 1911s but when things go bump in the night the handgun I reach for is the HK P2000 .40S&W. There are 6 loaded mags sitting next to it. The wife has a P2000SK in the same caliber in her night stand.
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Tough call for me, since i only have a small number of handguns and am emotionally attached to most of them. I am not into long hikes or intending to bug way out if out at all, but if i had to bug OUT, i would want to take XD45 but would probably take the CZ75b instead. I simply have more mags and more ammo for it. I also think 9mm will be more plentiful than 45ACP in scavenging circles.

I would really have a hard time leaving the GP100 behind; i would have to leave a note regarding its proper care and feeding.
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My only option right now is a. 44 mag Raging Bull. I might consider an accurate 1911 chambered in 10mm, though. It wouldnt be as powerful and likelynot as accurate, but it would be better concealable and give a little more firepower.
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