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NGIB 03-31-2011 10:05 AM

Go to Gun
This thread is for folks that have a handgun "collection" as if you only have 1 or 2 it's probably already decided. Do you have a "go to gun"? This is the one you'd grab if the SHTF and you only had time to grab a single gun and ammo. I saw this question posed on another forum and I really didn't have an answer so I've been thinking about it this morning.

I love 1911s and have a half dozen of them but in a 1 gun situation it may be nice to have more capacity. I love .45 as well but I could carry more ammo (weight and space wise) with a smaller caliber. I wouldn't want something that is picky about ammo at all because you may be forced to use ammo you wouldn't normally buy like the steel cased Russian stuff. Would the gun you grab have night sights and/or a rail mounted light/laser? How about plastic versus steel versus alloy as you may not be able to care for your "friend" as diligently as you normally would?

I really don't have this quandary with rifles as I only have 2 and they are the same caliber anyway. I'd grab the AR versus the Mini 14 simply because I have more mags and I've shot it more. I'm still undecided about which of my handguns I'd grab right now so I thought this would make an interesting topic to discuss on a rainy Thursday...

danf_fl 03-31-2011 10:26 AM

I have more than one (normally there are no children in our house).
2 - 1911's (one in .45, the other in 10mm),
2 - revolvers (both are .38 Spl), and
1 - HK PSP-P7 (9mm)

All placed throughout the house.

NGIB 03-31-2011 10:46 AM

For the situation I'm thinking about, you have to leave your home. For example the Katrina situation, the severe quake in Japan, or the floods that occur often in the Midwest. It's not the zombie apocalypse (we do know they will come though), it's a scenario where you will be alone and unprotected by normal community services like the police and EMS. You have to grab one gun and some ammo and go out and survive for a week or two while waiting for normalcy to return. To me this is the kind of situation that can and does happen quite often in real life. I'm truly amazed at how calm and orderly Japan has remained through their crises - can you imagine a disaster like that in one of our population centers?

danf_fl 03-31-2011 11:04 AM

During Ivan a few years ago, I carried the 9mm.
After a hurricane, one has to worry about all types of vermin. 2 legged, 4 legged, and no legged.
I thought that the 9mm was the best for that situation. Small enough to conceal, yet large enough to do the job, if needed.

General_lee 03-31-2011 12:13 PM

I think right now my go to gun for that situation would have to be my Glock 17 because it's currently the only "high capacity" pistol I have.

spittinfire 03-31-2011 12:19 PM

NGIB, oddly enough I've been thinking about this very thing lately. I carry a 1911 daily and trust it with my life but I'm not sure that would be the weapon I reached for in a SHTF situation where I had to leave the house.
I would most likely reach for my XD45 because it's simple, 13+1 capacity, reliable as a rock and has enough power to handle anything I would encounter in my local area.

I seriously thought about my 6" GP100 as it would be much better suited to take game and has more then enough power but I'm faster with the XD. I could always pass the GP off to my wife.

NGIB 03-31-2011 12:26 PM

I hear ya Spitty. If the situation required living off the land I'd probably lean towards a revolver myself - something like a 6 inch .44 Magnum. Like you, I think a semi auto would be more flexible in an urban environment especially considering it would be with you 24 hours a day until the crisis ended. I'm still not sure what I'd grab from my collection and it is interesting to ponder the question...

spittinfire 03-31-2011 12:51 PM

Nothin wrong with a 44mag either. I personally think the best SHTF gun for my area, being rural and open would be a lever action in 30-30 which I currently don't own(that deal I told you about fell thru, clown started raising the price one me). It's small, easy to carry, points fast, follow up shots are fast, ammo is everywhere and it's very low maintainance.

JonM 03-31-2011 01:44 PM

thats pretty easy. my colt series 70 is my goto gun. ive got the most mags for it. it doesnt have delicate little springs to break. plastic and aluminum can be broken or bent easily by doing the wrong thing. ive got the most ammo for it i shoot it the best. its just like my AR15 its my goto rifle got the most mags most ammo for it. and i shoot it the best.

i know the 1911 inside and out and have the most training with it. i feel the most comfy carrying it. shtf and its the only thing i have time for its the one im taking. its good enough to hunt small game and larger game along with dispatching two legged goblins. i dont have to realy on hollow points for it to be effective.

it makes a nice rabbit getter too. nice neat 45cal hole, dead rabbit, shot thru the head. i shot 4 rabbits last december on my deer hunt with it. all head shots from 15yds to 25yds. got one left in the freezer i may cook this weekend or next on the bbq.

Jay 03-31-2011 01:54 PM

My goto gun is a 1911. We live in a rural setting, and I have "things" located here and there, for retrieval at my convenience, if we have to leave the house.

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