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Glocks should be banned in the U.S.

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Originally Posted by Big-Nasty View Post
Guns don't kill people, people kill people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, but the anti's will never ever ever concede to that. They will always go on blaming the tool, and not the crazed looney using it.
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Originally Posted by Hunt SD View Post
It was written by a lady.

Written by
Elsie L. McBride
Sioux Falls
That Sir. is NO lady

This is the mindset of a total....well you know what I mean. Thinking outlawing a gun or "clip" will stop a psycho from going out to kill people. They will just use the next thing that they can get their hands on. Like a car or bus, Molotov cocktail, suicide bomber, pics of Nancy Pelosi.

Career criminals can be terminated, psycho's can only be planned for and hopefully stopped with the massive loss of their own blood.
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No, pics of Nancy Pelosi would fall under "cruel & unusual punishment"
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Originally Posted by glibshoot

So wonderful to know that so many "law and order" folks are breaking laws that are just so damned inconvenient to them. I bet you complain about gang-bangers who carry a gun ILLEGALLY.
I dnt complain about things I cant change. You should try the same
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The most tellng line in there to me is where the author states:

The fact that Loughner had access to a gun (A Glock 19 with a magazine loaded with killer shells) that led him to kill six people and wound 14 should lead us to wonder -- why is such a weapon allowed on the market?

Which demonstrates the complete lack of understanding of firearm and their role in the lives of people.

Well of course it had "killer shells" in it that what guns are for moron.
Did the gun wake up and point itself at his head and say "c'mon nut job I demand that you go kill and hurt some poeple, and I'm going to lead you to the pace and time to do it."?
The gun is allowed on the market so that the people who aren't broke n teh head can protect themselves and others from the ones who are. And the founders wanted people to have an out if the government got out of hand and folks needed to restore liberty. (But that last bit seems to get ignored a bit as being distasteful, but I'm pretty sure the author of that letter can't prove it wrong.)

Well some folks jus tbuy into the garbage they get fed from the TV and don't think or research for themselves.
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Lets look at the assassination of the Kennedys.

The Carcano which killed the president should

have been banned from the gun world by it's own,

for shaky mechanical principals. The bottom of the mag

is exposed to the elements, so the clip can eject through

the bottom. The 6.5mm caliber is anemic and undersized for

it's day, let alone when it was used for killing JFK,

decades later. Like wise, the pistol which Sirhan

Sirhan(strangely memorable name, what?) used was a gun

who's only redeeming factor was it cost less than

a decent hunting knife.

The Kennedys, even though surrounded by our best guardians,

were killed by firearms who's farming equivalent would be a

rusty, mud-encrusted hoe. It wasn't the effectiveness, advanced

design, or quality of these weapons which killed the Kennedys. It

was the determination and persistence of their attackers.

Let's stop wasting time and money banning weapons, and mandate

allocating those resources to their proper use.

Locating and monitoring nut-jobs...

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Honestly, I'm somewhere in the middle, while I'd rather not have to reload a bunch of damn times while target shooting, I don't want crazy sick *******s who are going to walk into a public place and spray the place either, the luby's massacre in the next town over changed me for life, that's when I decided I was going to be armed, The Police, Military and Crazies are not going to be the only people armed, that leaves us defenseless and to hell with that.
The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory. - Col. Jeff Cooper.

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Souix Falls, SD is the HQ for relocated Chicago Liberals. They had so much Poop in their Chicago nest they had to move. They are now making a nasty mess in SD.
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Idk if your serious or not...but that's ****in stupid. I carry a Glock everyday and I wouldn't trust any other weapon. Those incidents you are talking about. The guns involved have nothing to do with it. Its the phyco holding it. If they couldn't get a Glock to carry out those crimes it would be a different gun. I guess if I misspell a word with a pen. Its all on the pen and they should be banned. Pencils are the only ones that are safe to spell with huh? The weapon has nothing to do with it. Oh and every shell is a " Killer shell" dip****. All bullets are.
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Pump your brakes ronin... no need to get nasty...
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