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Glock. Its a love/hate thing... Why?!

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I don't understand why they are so popular among civilian shooters in America. I can see why they are popular with police forces in America and Europe they work and more importantly cheap. They are used by the police here but are not popular among civilian shooters. PS If someone give me one i would take it and then sell it.
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Just not comfortable to shoot.

The grip angle is wrong IMHO. Easy enough to crank down the wrist and put shots on paper but not so easy when rounds are coming back at you. Glocks simply do not point "naturally" in relation to the ergonomics of the human hand and wrist.

I don't hate them, but I don't own them either for ^^THIS^^ reason... and yes, I have shot several models and calibers of this platform.

Beyond that, they are overpriced for what you get.

No way a poly gun that makes a "high point" look sexy is worth more that $400 new... Don't care how much Kool Aid you can suck down.

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]Here we go again!!b]
US Naval Aviation AMSC 20 years ( retired) ASW/Aircrew Wings, P2V plane capt. Also a Tail hooker, US Naval Academy (DI) Shooting Instructor (Annapolis) NDW shooting team member. VN vet, Bluenose and Shellback.

Alway keep your six covered
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I don't understand either, but folks will like what they like.

I'm a pretty equal opportunity gun enthusiast. I like 1911s, I like Sigs, I like Smith &Wesson, I like Glock.

In my early stages of the hobby, I decided I was going to be in the anti-Glock camp. Plastic just seemed wrong. I worked part time at an indoor range and we were selling a lot of Glocks along with plenty of other guns. I would see folks come in with Glocks and have fewer problems than many other folks. Then we started renting them. I learned to appreciate the simplicity of the design, and the fact that we had fewer problems with them than many of the others. When I started teaching new shooters I found it pretty easy to get people to shoot a Glock pretty well in a short amount of time. They were pretty affoardable in the late '80s and early '90s compared to many other guns on the market. But I still wouldn't buy one.

When the 26 came out and I shot one I decided it was really justabout the best carry gun out there, offering 9mm power in such a compact size. I finally broke down and bought one. It was a no fuss gun and really brought out a mindset change with me that it was really a tool. It worked every time I pulled the trigger with anything I fed it. It was simple to operate.

Several years later an opportunity to buy a police trade-in 17 came up at a price I couldn't pass up. I figured if I didn't like It I could touch it up and sell it for more than I was paying for it. Turned out I really liked that pistol and decided to keep it as kind of an on-going project. I had very little invested in it, and had Glock go through it for free and do a complete overhaul of any worn parts.

Comparing it to Sig 226, I find the 17 to be a bit mroe shootable, because of the lower bore axis. (the Glock sits lower in teh hand with the bore closer to the hand) and the frame has a bit of flex, so it actually has less muzzle flip than the Sigs. It's pretty close to a 1911 in bore hight over the hand. So I find Glocks very controllable. the trigger reset is actually pretty short, if you learn how to manage it, and can give very fast, very accurate follow up shots. The grip angle is only unnatural to those who are accustomed to steeper angled pistol grips. If you take a high grip on the pistol, and lay the index finger along the frame lke you are pointing at the target before you put your finger on the trigger, it actually is a very natural pointing gun. And when you really lay a Glock on top of a 1911 the grip angle is not that different (especially if using arched mainspring housings in the 1911, which I prefer).

Some folks can't get past the polymer. Some people can't get past the looks. Some people can't get past the fans. Some people don't like the feel. Some people may have had a bad experience with one. Some people believe what they want to believe from the internet.

I don't have a problem with someone not liking a Glock. That's their right, for whaterever reason they choose. I won't argue with them or insult them.

Some guitarists like Fender vs. Gibson in the electric portion of that world. To me it doesn't matter, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix both made some fantastic sounds come out of both.

It's just a great thing that there are choices so folks can find something that suits their own personal taste.
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I dunno..
I used ot be a Glock guy. but now I am a revolver guy.. Dont know how it happened.
Its not against Glocks just love the feel and inherent accuracy of a revolver

Primary Rifle:
BCM 16 inch, LW barrel w/ EOtech 512.

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GLOCKs have a purpose for sure. A GLOCK will keep your ammo fresh longer. And when the government confiscates my 1911s, I can always use a GLOCK to keep leftovers in the refrigerator. For these reasons, I went ahead an bought a GLOCK 19.

Actually, I got it because it is different and adds some variety to my shooting fun.
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Nothing against the pistol, they're a proven commodity. It's the fan boys, the true believers I find insufferable.
Never argue with an idiot in public. People passing by won't know which one of you is the idiot.
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Why is it that a freaking newbie starts these stupid a$$ threads? What is the REAL purpose of this thread?
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Originally Posted by Fathead00
Why is it that a freaking newbie starts these stupid a$$ threads? What is the REAL purpose of this thread?
Well, I'm glad everyone on here is so warm and welcoming.
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Originally Posted by DickTheNickhead View Post
Well, I'm glad everyone on here is so warm and welcoming.
these threads get started quite a bit! and Fathead has a Glock and a 1911!

me, i'm neutral on the Glock. i neither like them or hate them. they for the most part do the job they were designed to do. nothing special about that to me. but a Glock is not a pistol i would go out and purposely buy as there are others that fit my hand better. but if the right Glock at the right price came across my path, yes i would buy it.
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