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Andy 6222 12-06-2007 10:02 PM

FREE Self Defense Video Course
Learn / review the intracacies and implications of handling a firearm
and be able to defend yourself with it. What are
the decision making issues relevant for the use of a firearm when
a life threatening situation occurs?

Log onto Freedom Broadcast Network - FBN
or to this Direct Link:

Tune into the Self Defense Network on Channel [3] where world renowned Conceal Carry Weapons Instructor - Richard Stefani teaches the above topics and more on video
[on-line] with a Conceal Carry perspective.

Richard Stefani's FREE on-line Self Defense Course is divided into 23 Chapters. You and your loved ones can watch these videos at your own pace. Learn for the first time or be reminded of the important aspects of handling a firearm even if you are an experienced gun owner.

pioneer461 12-11-2007 10:38 PM

Andy, thanks for the info.

You mention channel 3, but you failed to say where. I bet my channel 3 is not the same as your channel 3. I'll look for the Self Defense Network.

matt g 12-12-2007 01:13 AM

Is Richard as hot as Gwen?

Andy 6222 12-13-2007 03:01 AM

Hi Pioneer461,

It's on the internet website: (then click on
Channel [3] so it's all the same Nationwide.
Also, try the direct link below..... I hope it works
for you. Thank you sir. Enjoy the refresher and free info.

Direct Link:

Thank you sir.

Hi Matt,
You're crackin' me up man. They're not related. I wish they were so I can meet her. But I heard Gwen Stefani's real last name is "Stefanian" which is Armenian...and this guy Richard Stefani on this video course is "Sicilian" (or Italian)


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