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Originally Posted by MrWray
What about jacketed hollow points? Why do they need to wear a jacket?

Especially now, its too hot!
to get to the other side???.........

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Thats all i mainly shoot is fmj and never a problem that guys full of it im sorry to say

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"Consider the Source."

A very wise person told me this and I've held it as a maxim my whole life. If your BIL was an NRA shooting instructor or competition shooter, I'd say it may hold water. But if he just spouts everything he hears with no filter, you can be pretty certain it has no credibility.


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Originally Posted by old fart View Post
my brother came by this morning and told me not to buy any full metal jacket ammo, he said it will wear the gun barrel out in less than a thousand rounds. is this true?, i use federal 115 grain fmj to target shoot and hollow points for defense. thanks
I think it is misinformation at it's best. Back in the old days when I was still walking to school... 10 miles uphill... both ways... in the snow... barefoot, we used FMJ to reduce lead fouling. If you'll look at the lands and grooves etched into a JHP you may notice that the only part etched is the jacket. If FMJ was going to wear out a barrel it follows that JHP would, too.

There is one thing to consider. Some FMJ factory reloads designed for range use do have corrosive primers and powder. Always clean the weapon immediately after shooting practice ammo unless the box specifically states it is non-corrosive ammo.
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Default Wearing out barrel, by just shooting alot.

My friend that i go shooting with (he works at the same place I do) was telling me I should not buy more rounds of ammo because i will wear out the barrel of my semi-auto.

I am a new shooter and my gun is used "CZ70" from 1981. But I don't believe I should worry about wearing it out.

You know good sources to buy the 32 auto ammo right now?

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Not a Frankinthread- but

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Jon covered it pretty well , but i like ot add this:

There may be another source of confusion... he may also confused by bi-metal rounds which <are> a little harder on the barrel and they usually do come in FMJ.

Everyone always quotes that one test where russian ammo with bimetal bullets wore out an AR 15 barrel in 10,000 rounds.
But what they forget that was almost all magdumps

a more normal firing schedule would have certainly at least doubled barrel life.

So the bimetal rounds DO wear out barrels a bit faster (and they ARE FMJ) but that has nothing to do with them being in FMJ, and in any event saving $2000 dollars over the 20,000 rounds life of a barrell buys a lot of spare barrels.


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Barrel wear is the result of highly overbore cartridges, and/or mild steel barrels. FMJ/JSP/JHP or even poly tips have nothing to do with it. Now there might be some steel core ammo that does not conform to the rifling quite as easily but barrel burn is almost always throat erosion and even steel core ammo has nothing to do with that.
I call that myth busted!

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