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SmithKid308 10-19-2011 01:07 AM

First handgun
This will be my first handgun I buy (not handed down ) and I was wondering what would be the general best choice for that I do not want a revolver , preferably a 9mm because I have so much ammo for it and able to put a flash light on the bottom rail but not nessary and plz throw all bias aside for this guys

Firearms4ever 10-19-2011 01:10 AM

I suggest you go to some local gunshops and look at their inventory to see what fits the bill. I'm of course partial to Springfield and Ruger, because I own both and love them. Putting my biase aside look for what feels the best to you and will fit the bill.

g17frantz 10-19-2011 02:17 AM

Well....gotta put my .02 in and say a glock 17/19. IMO can't get much better. There's a plethora of options but that's what I chose and almost 3000 rounds later and still happy

trip286 10-19-2011 02:23 AM

I love revolvers, but have yet to find a gun that fits my hand like a Sig p220 Elite. Maybe I should be looking at one of those instead of a 1911 for my next purchase...

Of course I'm sure your hands are a different size/shape than mine.

ninjatoth 10-19-2011 02:49 AM

I always have thought the Beretta 92 and all it's variants are awesome guns,my buddy has a 92(9mm) and 96(.40) and they just seem to be reliable solid tanks.

trip286 10-19-2011 03:05 AM

Yeah those are good, but they have their flaws too, just like any others.

IMO and in my experience, for me, the grip is too fat for me to hang onto. Don't really care for the slide mounted safety, because my issued holster would constantly disengage it.

It's a solid shooter, reliable, good capacity....

Werminator 10-19-2011 03:48 AM

If advice is what you are seeking then I would like to put in my two cents as well. There are a million and one options out there for a solid 9mm platform that would all serve as a wonderful place to start. Do yourself a favor and think about how you are using this weapon. Is it recreational only? Will you be using it under concealed carry? I personally wanted something for recreational and home defense purposes. My selection was in favor of the Ruger SR9 full size. Other weapons I considered included the Glock 17 and 19, FN Herstals FNP-9, Sig 226 and 229, Springfield XD9 and XDM9, and a number of others. I wrote down my criteria ( What features do I want, what do I not want, what could go either way) such as external safety, trigger action, capacity, etc. By using this list I eliminated a number of firearms simply because they lacked some of the features I wanted. From there I youtubed the remaining models to get an initial impression and once I had it down to only a few models I went to the gun shop and spent an hour or so looking those few over and chatting up the guy behind the counter to get his input. It was important to me to eliminate in phases and consequently limit how many options I had in front of me... Now, 3000+ rounds later, I am still very happy with this purchase and so are a couple buddies who frequently get to use it...

sweeper22 10-19-2011 04:30 AM

For a railed 9mm, most polymers are solid guns of similar quality. Buy whatever has the fit, controls, and finish that suits you.

If you want a railed metal 9mm, I'd take a hard look at Sig P226/P229 and CZ 75 SP-01.

Axxe55 10-19-2011 04:45 AM

werminator has some really good advise on this and makes a lot of sense. try to find something you are happy with and fits you. don't base your decision off what others have or shoot, because everyone is different. i recently purchased another 40 s-w pistol to replace one i had trade a couple of years ago. at first i thought i wanted a Glock, but found the SA XDm40 fit so much better in my hand. i have shot Glocks before and liked them and would buy one if the price is right, but i really like the XDm40 better. a pistol is a very personal choice and the one you buy, might not be the right one for you after you have shot many rounds through it. but not to worry, the search for the right handgun is a fun and rewarding quest!

danf_fl 10-19-2011 08:34 AM

Read and heed what these people are saying.

Just because your buddy has (and can shoot effectively) the latest model, does not mean that you can too.

I have seen old geezers outshoot youngin's with their revolvers.
The keys to any shooting is still the basics. Going out to the range to shoot bullets is just that if you can't hit the broad side of a barn.

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