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canebrake 11-26-2010 06:12 AM

FirearmsTalk Acronyms
Here by popular demand.

PM me if you have any additions/corrections.

AAC --- Advanced Armament Corporation
AAR --- After Action Review
ACC --- Remington ACCelerator
ACLU --- American Civil Liberties Union
ACOG --- Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
ACP --- Automatic Colt Pistol
ACR --- Adaptive Combat Rifle (Remington)
ACS --- Adaptable Carbine/Storage
AD --- Accidental Discharge NO SUCH ANIMAL! See ND
AE --- Action Express, i.e.; .50 AE
AFA --- Armed Females of America
AFAIK --- As Far As I Know
AG --- Attorney General
AH --- Adam Henry/Azz Hole
AJHP --- Aluminum Jacketed Hollow Point
AK --- Avtomat Kalashnikova/AK47/AK74/Assault Rifle - Here at FTF, use SUR (Sport Utility Rifle)
ALM --- Angry Little Man
AO --- Adjustable Objective
AOW --- Any Other Weapon
AP --- Armor Piercing
APFSDS --- Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot
API --- Armor Piercing, Incendiary
APT --- Armor Piercing, Tracer
AR --- ArmaLite Rifle, AR-15/(See EBR) Assault Rifle - Here at FTF, use SUR (Sport Utility Rifle)
ART --- Adjustable ranging telescope
ASA --- Australian Shooting Association
ATM --- At This Moment
AW --- Assault Weapon
AWB --- Assault Weapon Ban
B&D --- Bain and Davis
BALL --- Ball Ammo/FMJ/TMJ
BAR --- Browning Automatic Rifle
BATFE --- Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms Explosives
BBL --- Barrel/Bull Barrel (Rifle barrel that is thicker then the normal hunting rifle barrel)
BBWC --- Bevel-Base Wad Cutter
BC --- Ballistic Coefficient
BCG --- Bolt Carrier Group
BCM --- Bravo Company MFG
BFH --- Barrel, Forged, Hammer (BFH)
BG --- Bad Guy
BHP --- Browning Hi-Power/P-35
BIB --- Bug In Bag, like a 711 version of the BOB.
BM --- Bushmaster
BMG --- Browning Machine Gun
BO --- Body Odor/Barry nOboma
BOB --- Bug Out Bag
BOD --- Born On Date
BOF --- Bureau of Firearms
BOL --- Bug Out Land (a place of retreat for when the Shumer hits the fan)
BOR --- Bill Of Rights
BP --- Black Powder
BPCR --- Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
BPE --- Black Powder Express
BPV --- Bullet Proof Vest/Individual Body Armor
BR --- Bench Rest
BRB --- Be Right Back
BRD --- Black Rifle Disease
BRR --- Bench Rest Remington
BT --- Boat Tail
BUG --- Back Up Gun
C3S --- C3Shooter - Kindly, harmless old gent that will keep smiling while he steals your wallet, watch, woman, and gets you to pay for the drinks.
C&R --- Curio & Relic
CAL --- Caliber
CAR --- Colt Automatic Rifle/CAR-15
CARL --- Curio and Relic License, 03 FFL
CAS --- Cowboy Action Shooting
CB --- Cast Bullet
CC --- Concealed Carry
CCL --- Concealed Carry License
CCO --- A 1911 Classic Commander slide on an Officer frame
CCP --- Concealed Carry Permit
CCRKBA --- Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
CCW --- Concealed Carry Weapons
CF --- Centerfire
CHL --- Concealed Handgun License
CIII --- Class III FFL - dealer of NFA firearms
CIF --- Cash In Fist
CIP --- Case In Point
CL --- Remington Core-Lokt
CLDF --- Civil Liberties Defense Foundation
Clip --- A strip of metal that is used to hold cartridges together to facilitate the loading into (usually) an internal rifle magazine.
CLP --- Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative
CMP --- Civilian Marksmanship Program
CMT --- Continental Machine and Tool Co.
CNS --- Central Nervous System
COA --- Citizen(s) Of America
COF --- Course Of Fire, shooting stage in pistol event
COG --- Center Of Gravity
COM --- Center Of Mass/Center Mass
CPHV --- Center to Prevent Handgun Violence
CPL --- Concealed Pistol License
CQ --- Close Quarter(s)
CQB --- Close Quarter(s) Battle
CQC --- Close Quarter(s) Combat
CRL --- Curio and Relic License, 03 FFL
CS --- Customer Service
CTFD --- Calm The Foobar Down
CTR --- Compact/Type Restricted
CUP --- Copper Units of Pressure
CWS --- Cold War Shooters
DA --- Double Action
DAA --- Double Action Automatic
DAO --- Double Action Only
DBY --- Day Before Yesterday
DBA --- Doing Business As
DB --- Douche Bag
DCM --- Director of Civilian Marksmanship
DD --- Daniel Defense
DEWC --- Double Ended Wad Cutter
DF --- Drop Free
DPICM --- Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Ammunition
DPMS --- DPMS Firearms, LLC/Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services
DRN --- Dead Right Now
DROS --- Dealer's Record of Sale
DRT --- Dead Right There
DVC --- Diligentia Vis Celeritas - Latin for Accuracy, Power, Speed
EAA --- European American Arms
EBR --- Evil Black Rifle
EDC --- Every Day Carry - Knife, gun or that brother-in-law
EDM --- Electrical Discharge Machining
EDW --- Every Day Wear
EMP --- Enhanced Micro Pistol - Springfield Armory
EOP --- Elevated Optical Platform
ERC --- Extended Range Carbine
FA --- Full Auto
FATS --- Firearms Training Simulator
FC --- Forcing Cone
FCG --- Fire Control Group
FFL --- Federal Firearms License
FM --- Farging Magic
FMJ --- Full Metal Jacket
FML --- Fully Metal Lined
FN --- Fabrique Nationale d'armes de'Guerre/Flat Nose
FNG --- Farging New Guy
FNH --- Fabrique Nationale d'armes de'Guerre (National Factory of War Arms)
FOB --- Forward Operating Base
FOID --- Firearm Owner's Identification Card
FORS --- Front-Opposite, Rear-Same (Sight adjustment mnemonic.)
FOV --- Field Of View
FP --- Flat Point / Firing Pin
FPS --- Feet Per Second/Firing Pin Spring
FS --- Front Sight/For Sale / Full Size (5" Government 1911)
FSB --- Front Sight Block (Gas Block)
FST --- Front Sight Tower / Winchester Fail Safe Talon (Black Talon)
FTE --- Failure To Eject
FTF --- FireArms Talk Forum/Failure To Feed/Failure To Fire/Face To Face (sale)
FTN --- Failure To Neutralize - penalty
FTRTB --- Failure To Return To Battery, slide fails to return a new round from the magazine to the chamber and lock
FUBAR --- Foobared Up Beyond (All Recognition/Any Repair)
FWIW --- For What Its Worth
FYEO --- For Your Eyes Only
GA --- Gauge -shotgun bore diameter
GAP --- Glock Automatic Pistol
GC --- Gas Check
GCA --- Gun Control Act (of 1968)
GDHP --- Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point
GG --- Good Guy
GI --- Government Issue
GOA --- Gun Owners of America
GOOD --- Get Out Of Dodge
GPU --- Gas Piston Upper
GR --- Grain
GTFOH --- Get The Foobar Out of Here!"
GTG --- Good To Go/Got To Go
H&H --- Holland & Holland
H&R --- Harrington & Richardson
HBWC --- Hollow-Base Wad Cutter
HC --- Hard Cast
HD --- Home Defense/Heavy Duty
HEAT --- High Explosive Anti Tank
HP --- Hollow Point/Home Protection
HPBT --- Hollow Point Boat Tail
HPJ --- Remington High Performance Jacketed (Golden Saber)
HS --- Hydra-Shok/Horse Sh1t
HSC --- Handgun Safety Certificate
HST --- Hammer, Sear, & Trigger
IANAL --- I Am Not A Lawyer
IAW --- In Accordance With
IBA --- Individual Body Armor = Bullet Proof Vest
IBS --- International Benchrest Shooters
IDK --- I Don't Know
IDPA --- International Defensive Pistol Association International Defensive Pistol Association
IIRC --- If I Recall Correctly
IHMSA --- International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association
ILA --- Institute for Legislative Action - NRA
IMBEL --- Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil (Military Material Industry) a Brazilian state company, founded in 1975.
IMHO --- In My Humble Opinion
IMO --- In My Opinion
IMR --- Improved Military Rifle
IOW --- In Other Words
IPSC --- International Practical Shooting Confederation International Practical Shooting Confederation
IRL --- In Real Life
IWB --- Inside the Waistband, holster
IYO --- In Your Opinion
JBB --- Jack Bauer Bag
JDJ --- J. D. Jones
JHC --- Jacketed Hollow Cavity
JHP --- Jacketed Hollow Point
JMB --- John Moses Browning
JMHO --- Just My Humble Opinion
JPFO --- Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
JRS --- Jon R. Sundra
JSP --- Jacketed Soft Point
K98 --- German Mauser 98 in karbine length
KAC --- Knight's Armament Company
kB --- kaBOOM!
KMA --- Kiss My Azz
KYPD --- Keep Your Powder Dry
LAC --- Law Abiding Citizen
LC --- Long Colt
L-C/T --- Hornady Lead Combat/Target
LCP --- Elsie Pea - Lightweight Compact Pistol
LCR --- Elsie Ahrrrr - Lightweight Compact Revolver
LDS --- Latter Day Saints
LE --- Law Enforcement
LEA --- Law Enforcement Agency
LEAA --- Law Enforcement Alliance of America
LEO --- Law Enforcement Officer
LF --- Lethal Force
LFI --- Lethal Force Institute
LGS --- Local Gun Shop
LHP --- Lead Hollow Point
LMFAO --- Laugh My Foobaring Ass Off
LMT --- Lewis Machine & Tool Co.
LOS --- Line Of Sight
LR --- Long Rifle/Lower Receiver
LRN --- Lead, Round Nose
LRPK --- Lower Receiver Parts Kit
LRT --- LaRue Tactical
LSR --- Light Sniper Rifle
LSWC --- Lead Semi-Wad Cutter
LSWCHP-GC --- Lead Semi-Wad Cutter Hollow Point -Gas Check (Keith, hollow cavity)
LTC --- Lead Truncated Cone
LTL --- Less Than Lethal
LV-JHP --- Low Velocity-Jacketed Hollow Point
LWC --- Lead Wad Cutter
LWRCi --- LWRC International, LLC
M193 --- 5.56x45mm 55-grain ball cartridge.
M195 --- 5.56x45mm grenade launching blank.
M196 --- 5.56x45mm 54-grain tracer cartridge, red cartridge tip.
M202 --- 5.56x45mm 58-grain FN SSX822 cartridge
M755 --- 5.56x45mm grenade launching blank specifically for the M234 launcher.
M855 --- 5.56x45mm 62-grain FN SS109 ball cartridge, green tip w/steel penetrator and a lead core.
M855 LF --- 62-grain green tip w/tungsten penetrator and a steel core. Lead Free
M856 --- 5.56x45mm 64-grain FN L110 tracer cartridge
M995 --- 5.56x45mm 52-grain AP cartridge, black cartridge tip.
MAG --- Box Magazine/Magnum
MC --- Metal Cased
ME --- Muzzle energy/Middle East
Mils --- Milliradians
MIM --- Metal Injection Molding/Powder metal processing
Mk262 --- 5.56x45mm 77-grain Open-Tipped Match/Hollow-Point Boat-Tail cartridge.
MK318 --- 5.56x45mm 62-grain Open-Tipped Match/Hollow-Point Boat-Tail cartridge.
MLU-26 --- Early USAF designation for 5.56x45mm ball cartridge produced by Remington.
MM --- millimeter
MMA --- Mixed Martial Arts
MN --- Mosin Nagant
MOA --- Minute Of Angle
MOB --- Middle Of Back
MOD --- Moderator
MOE --- Magpul Original Equipment
MRWC --- Mid-Range Wad Cutter
MSH --- Main Spring Housing
MV --- Muzzle Velocity
NAA --- North American Arms
NATO --- North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBRSA --- National Benchrest Shooters Association
NCIC --- National Crime Information Center
ND --- Negligent Discharge
NDF --- Non-Drop Free - original glock magazines were designed to stay in the gun if the magazine release was pressed and there were rounds remaining in the magazine
NEF --- New England Firearms
NFA --- National Firearms Act (of 1934 )
NFML --- Non-Fully Metal Lined magazines also known as Non-Drop Free (NDF)
NGT --- New Gun Test
NPR --- National Public Radio
NRA --- National Rifle Association
NSSF --- National Shooting Sports Foundation
NRMA --- National Reloading Manufacturers Association
NSSF --- National Shooting Sports Foundation
O/U --- Over/Under
OAL --- Office of Administrative Law
OODA --- OODA Loop, Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. It takes ~0.25 of a second to cycle through this decision making process.
OOS --- Out Of State
OC --- Open Carry
OM --- Oscar Mike/On the Move
OP --- Original Post(er)
opaww --- Hard core Azz Hole, commenly known as a hate monger, Radical right wing gun nut, Pro-American/pro-Constitution/pro-Bill of Rights
O/S --- Over/Sized
OT --- Off Topic
OTB --- Out of The Box
OTD --- Out The Door (Usually means tax, title and dealer prep.)
OTF --- Out The Front (Auto knife)
OTM --- Open Tip Match
OTOH --- On The Other Hand
OWB --- Outside the Waistband, holster
PAFOA --- Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association
PB --- Lead/Lead Bullet
PBR --- Point Blank Range
PBS --- Powdered Butt Syndrome (ask C3)
PEBKAC --- Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
PEBTAH --- Problem Exists Between Trigger And Holster
PDS --- Piston Driven System RRA
PDSC --- Piston Driven System Carbine RRA
PDSP --- Piston Driven System Pistol RRA
PDSR --- Pistol Driven System Rifle RRA
PDW --- Personal Defense Weapon
PERP --- Perpetrator, criminal
PIRC --- Pre-Incident Response Conditioning
PIRT --- Pre-Incident Response Training
PITA --- Pain In The Azz
PK --- A 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun designed in the Soviet Union and currently in production in Russia
PKM --- It (ПК Модернизированный: "Kalashnikov's Machine-gun Modernized") is the current, modernized, product-improved version of the PK model
PL --- Remington Power-Lokt
PMS --- Pass My Shotgun/Punish Men Severely/Pardon My Sobbing/Packing My Sh1t/Pre Marital Sex
POA --- Point Of Aim
POI --- Point Of Impact
POS --- Parent Over Shoulder/Piece Of Sh1t
POST --- Peace Officer Standards and Training
POV --- Privately Owned Vehicle
PPC --- Pindell-Palmisano Cartridge
PRI --- Precision Reflex Inc.
PRS --- Precision Rifle/Sniper
PSA --- Palmetto State Armory/Public Service Announcement
PSI --- Pounds Per Square Inch
PSP --- Pointed Soft Point/Plated Soft Point
PUSH --- Practical Utility Shoulder Hold/Push Pack
PWP --- Pistol Whipping Potential
P&R --- Pinned barrel and Recessed cylinder
Q --- Torque
QA --- Quality Assurance
QC --- Quality Control
QFT --- Quoted For Truth
QTY --- Quantity
RBC --- Rifle Bore Cleaner
RDK --- Rapid Deployment Kit
RDS --- Red Dot Sight
RE --- Receiver Extension (Buffer Tube)
REM --- Remington
REMF --- Rear Echelon Mother Foobarer
REN --- Charles Rensing & Jim Rock
RF --- RimFire
RFB --- Rifle, Forward-ejecting Bullpup
RIA --- Rock Island Arsenal
RKBA --- Right to Keep and Bear Arms
RN --- Round Nose
RNL --- Round Nosed Lead
ROI --- Return On Investment
RR --- Range Report
RRA --- Rock River Arms
RTFM --- Read The Foobaring Manual
RUM --- Remington Ultra Mag
S&G --- Sh!ts and Giggles
S&H --- Sharpe & Hart
S&W --- Smith & Wesson
SA --- Semi Auto/Springfield Armory/Springer
SAA --- Single Action Army
SAAMI --- Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute
SAF --- Second Amendment Foundation
SAM --- Shooters Arms Manufacturing (in the Philippines)
SAR --- Search And Rescue
SAS --- Second Amendment Sisters
SASS --- Single Action Shooting Society
SBR --- Short Barreled Rifle
SBS --- Short Barreled Shotgun
SCAR --- Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle
SCBS --- Shooter's Choice Bore Solvent
SCSA --- Steel Challenge Shooting Association SCSA
SD --- Self Defense/Sectional Density
SDG --- Self-Defense Gun
SE --- Special Edition
SHTF --- Sh1t Hits The Fan
SJSP --- Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
SKS --- Samozaryadniy Karabin Simonov
SLR --- Self Loading Rifle
SMDH --- Shaking My Damn Head
SM --- Supporting Member(s) - and some of the best damn people on the interwebz
SMG --- SubMachine Gun
SMLE --- Short Magazine Lee Enfield- the .303 caliber British Army rifle
SN --- Serial Number
SNAFU --- Situation Normal, All Foobared Up
SO --- Significant Other
SO(A)B --- Son Of A Beach
SOB --- Small Of (the) Back
SOP --- Standard Operating Procedure
SP --- Soft Point/Spire Point
SPC --- 6.8 Special Purpose Cartridge
SPL --- Sound Pressure Level
Spl. --- Special - As In .38 Spl.
SPR --- Special Police Rifle/Special Purpose Rifle
SPRG --- Springfield Armory
SPTZ --- Spitzer
SRT --- Special Response Team/Swift Response Team
SS --- Stainless Steel
SS109 --- NATO code for the M855 (US CODE) 5.56x45 62 grain FMJ
SSA --- Single Action Army (Colt's SA Revolver/Colt 45)
SSAA --- Sporting Shooters Association of Australia
SSS --- Shooting Southern Style (canebrake style)
STA --- Shooting Times Alaskan
STE --- Shooting Times Easterner
STHP --- Winchester Silvertip Hollow Point
STW --- Shooting Times Westerner
SUR --- Sport Utility Rifle
SWAG --- Scientific Wild Azz Guess
SWAT --- Special Weapons And Tactics
SWC --- Semi-Wad Cutter
SWMBO --- She Who Must Be Obeyed
SWS --- Superior Weapons Systems
SX --- (Hornady) Super eXplosive
SXT --- (Winchester) Supreme eXpansion Talon (Black Talon)
TANSTAAFL --- There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TBH --- To Be Honest
TC --- Truncated Cone/Thompson Center
TCFM --- Too Close For Missiles
TCU --- Thompson/Center and (Wes) Ugalde
TDI --- Tactical Defense Institute
TEOTWAWKI --- The End Of The World As We Know It
TFL --- The Firing Line
TMJ --- Total Metal Jacketed
TOT --- Time On Trigger
TPF --- Ten Percent Firearms
TRO --- Temporary Restraining Order
TRP --- Tactical Response Pistol
TTTP --- Thread Title and Tagging Project
TU --- Tango Uniform
UBR --- Utility/Battle Rifle
UPLULA --- Universal Pistol Loader UnLoader
USPSA --- United States Practical Shooting Association
USRAC --- U.S. Repeating Arms Company
VCDL --- Virginia Citizens Defense League
VLD --- Very Low Drag
WAGC --- Women Against Gun Control
WC --- Wad Cutter
WCF --- Winchester Center Fire
WIN --- Winchester
WMR --- Winchester Magnum Rimfire
WP --- White Phosphorus/Willy Pete/Whiskey Papa
WRT --- With Respect To
WTB --- Want To Buy
WTF --- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot/What The Foobar?
WTH --- What The Hell?
WTS --- With That Said/Want To Sell
WTT --- Want To Trade/Willing To Trade
WWB --- Winchester White Box/Wally World Bullets
WWFY --- What Works For You
WYP --- What's Your Point
XM287 --- 5.56x45mm 68-grain ball cartridge produced by Industries Valcartier, Inc. An Improved version was also produced designated XM779.
XM288 --- 5.56x45mm 68-grain tracer cartridge produced by Industries Valcartier, Inc. An Improved version was also produced designated XM780
XM777 --- 5.56x45mm ball cartridge.
XM778 --- 5.56x45mm tracer cartridge.
XM996 --- 5.56x45mm so-called "Dim Tracer" with reduced effect primarily for use with night vision devices.
XTP --- (Hornady) eXtreme Terminal Performance
YHM --- Yankee Hill Machine
YMMV --- Your Mileage May Vary
YOM --- Year Of Manufacture
Z --- Zed/Zero/0/Nothing/Nought/Naught/Nil/Zilch/Zip/Ought/Aught

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