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NvRbanArms 01-18-2012 05:02 PM

Federal HST
Just bought a box of federal HST 230+p for my glock 21. They cost 25.99/box of 50. Should I use these for home defense or should I go a step down on the grain? And are Speer gold dots good too? In both 45 and 9mm what grain should I use? I think I will only stick with Speer gold dots and HST because I never heard anything bad about them. Possibly hornady crit def or TAP. Any feedback on those also would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

USMC-03 01-18-2012 05:49 PM

Any modern ammo from a reputable company is going to serve you well, just make sure your gun likes it. Seeing that you're shooting a G21 I don't see you having a problem with that. Some of the local police departments around here issue the HST and it seems to do fine for them. However, just my preference, but I like the Winchester PDX1. At work I carry the 124 +p in my G17. I use the 230 grain PDX1 in my Sig 220 and XD45. Just find one you're confident with and that your gun shoots well. If I didn't shoot the Winchesters it would be Hornady TAP for me. I've seen them work first hand and have total confidence in them.

gollygee 01-18-2012 05:52 PM

Federal HST is what I load in my 9mm, & .45ACP pistols. It is one of the most consistant SD rounds I have seen tested. As to preference of bullet weight, there are those that prefer lighter weights for short barreled pistols to maintain velocity, but I haven't seen chronagraph tests to verify the validity of doing that, so I also stayed with 230 gr. in my Bersa (3.6" barrel) as well as my commander & full size 1911s.

I have both 124 gr. & 147 gr. +P for my 9mm's. I carry them with 147 gr. I have both standard & +P in the 124 gr. because I was trying to find something my PF9 Keltec liked. It didn't like any of it, in fact the only ammo it'll cycle is 115 gr., regardless if FMJ or JHPs!

By the way, that's a great price! I think I paid about $40 for mine.

Here's a You Tube test of the Speer Gold Dots. The Bersa has a 3.6" barrel.

NvRbanArms 01-19-2012 05:59 AM

Yeah I found them hst on Internet for 40 and I live in Illinois and there's a shop called GAT Guns in Dundee, il. They have a ton of them for 25.99. I'm gonna load up on em if they r good.

NvRbanArms 01-19-2012 06:10 AM

So should I stay away from any +p ammo since I live in an apartment? I just don't want to be shooting anyone else that is behind u know. How about 230 gold dot or TAP for the glock21 and 124gr gold dot or TAP for my nines? They r all 4+ inch barrels. Oh and if I could find HST in regular powder power should I just stick with them? What's the best grain for nines? Since I would reach for the 9mm first if anyone was to break in. Thanks again guys. I just want to make sure they expand right and penetrate right.

gollygee 01-19-2012 04:41 PM

I wish someone around here stocked the HSTs! As to choice between 147 gr & 124 gr, there are probably several on this forum that can advise on that. I have both & figure the heavier grain for cold weather when an intruder will likely be wearing heavy clothing & the 124 gr. the rest of the time. I'm also interested in what others here think about it.

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