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Chris 07-16-2012 05:19 PM

Dakota Arms .357 Magnum
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Just wanted to show off my little project. I picked this one up from a relative and it had been sitting in his shed for years and years. Long ago he stripped all the blue off and tried to polish it up and make it shiny. Well after that failed and he lost a couple parts he gave up on it and it sat. I saw it and asked about it so he gave it to me. Well here she is. My first attempt at cleaning up a gun. I have fired it and it is pretty nice for what it is.

HOSSFLY 07-16-2012 05:39 PM

Looks like you dun gud :)

Chris 07-16-2012 05:46 PM

Thanks the only thing I am missing now is the ejector tube screw.

trip286 07-16-2012 06:01 PM

Beautiful six shooter. Is this the same Dakota Arms that makes the gorgeous rifles?

Chris 07-16-2012 06:41 PM

That I don't know. It is an Italian gun. I believe 1965

trip286 07-16-2012 06:45 PM

Well then I doubt it, Dakota rifles are made right here in the US...
But, and this may just make you laugh, I'm not even sure that they are made in Dakota! I'll have to check their site.

You know, I've been getting kind of interested in a six shooter, I may have to invest in one pretty soon. I'm thinking cap and ball though. I've cast bullets before, and I have a couple of different recipes for BP that I just need half a reason to try out.

Edit: Dakota Rifles are made in Sturgis South Dakota.

Chris 07-16-2012 06:47 PM

I like the nostalgia of a six shooter. I prefer them over my 9mm as my hunting side arm.

trip286 07-16-2012 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by Chris_ (Post 871755)
I like the nostalgia of a six shooter. I prefer them over my 9mm as my hunting side arm.

I just want one because I've always seen myself as a bit of a cowboy.
Someone else described it a bit differently, and they said I'm more of what they would call a "Southern Gent", and compared me to Doc Holliday. I told that person to lay off the crack, I'm more similar to Forrest Gump, but with a higher IQ. I love the lines, fit and ergonomics of a good six shooter though.

Chris 07-16-2012 07:20 PM

I am definitly more Cowboy then cityboy. I think I just like collecting things nobody else really cares for.

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