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Bob Wright 10-26-2012 06:28 PM

On buying used handguns........
This was rehashed on another thread, thought I'd maybe start another one on the subject. First of all, I've bought many used handguns over the years. First of all, the price must be right!.

Name brand M1911s, Colt, Ruger, S&W for example, are really very simple handguns. Most folks can dissassemble and reassemble blindfolded. Parts are readily available and simple to change out. I've no experience with the Berretta, but it, too, looks pretty simple.

Single action revolvers are easily fixed, and parts are also readily available. And they just beg for custom touches. My latest has been a used Uberti Flat Top .45 Colt, bought at a good price and replaced parts I did not like fairly easily, and even sold the take-off parts.

Very few guns are broken beyond repair. And a good second hand gun can be turned into a gem. My daily carry gun, a Ruger .44 Special Blackhawk, started out life as a .357 Magnum.

Bob Wright

danf_fl 10-26-2012 07:13 PM

Thanks Bob.

Please add that should questions arise, that most qualified gunsmiths would be glad to look things over (for a small fee, but worth every cent).

I would be happy to give a 'smith $25 for a look over, than to spend $250 for an un-noticed at purchase needed repair.

Bob Wright 10-26-2012 08:59 PM

Well, most gunsmiths in my area have a minimum shop charge of $50 or more. And I can't conceive of not noticing a $250 defect in any handgun.

Checking a revolver, if the bore is clear, the chambers clear, the cylinder rotates and locks up, the trigger trips the hammer, and the firing pin protrudes pretty well sums up the fact the gun is operable.

Pretty much the same for an autoloader, except checking for slide movement, cocking and firing when it should and not firing when it shouldn't.

Again, if the price is right buy the gun. If things don't stack up to you, put it down.

Bob Wright

rjd3282 10-26-2012 09:28 PM

I won't buy used magnums of any caliber from a stanger. Too many folks out there that like to see just how hot a load they can take.

magnumman 10-26-2012 09:38 PM

I have had good luck with used guns. All were bought from dealers that i am comfortable with. One recommendation is to check the frame above the forcing cone on revolvers for cracks. Also I look at the side plate screw for a owner who doesn't have the right tools. If the screw is mangled then you can bet something on the inside is as well.

dsheppard 10-26-2012 09:51 PM

All the handguns I have are used. I bought my p85 .9mm from my dad and I just bought a Smith and wesson .38 from a buddy. I've got a couple other .22 pistols as well. I've never had a problem with buying used guns. There is just stuff you have to watch out for.

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