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Crispy129 10-26-2008 03:48 AM

Buying first weapon, I have a few questions
I am about to commission as a 2LT in the Army this spring (branched infantry, baby!) and will have some expendable income soon, so I want to make the first steps in starting a little collection.

First off, when something is Law Enforcement/Military only, can I purchase it myself if I'm active duty military or does it have to be purchased through the military for a specific reason?

One of my favorite handguns is the FN FiveseveN, but I've heard rumors that it might be banned sometime in the near future. I was checking one out at a gun store, and one of the people who worked there told me that they're probably going to be banned soon. Is this true? I want to make sure that that rumor is accurate and not just the employee trying to make a quick sale. I was planning on getting one of those a little later because it's a little pricey, but I'd spring for one of they are about to be banned.

As far as other firearms that I was looking at, I'd like a .40 cal or maybe 9mm that'll be good for concealed carry and shooting at the range. I really like the USP .40 and FN FNP .40 or one of the compact 9mm Glocks. I'd also like to get a silenced Sig Mosquito and a reasonably priced Moison Nagant or Mauser K98 for plinking at the range. If you have any suggestions for other reasonably priced starter firearms or can tell me some of the pros and cons of the ones above so I can try to make a choice, it would be much appreciated. Also, what would be the best place to purchase these (gun show, gun store, online, etc)? I've especially had trouble finding decently priced Mauser K98's because everywhere I look they're $3000 antiques and not just a normal old rifle for firing at the range.

Thanks for the help :)

jeepcreep927 10-26-2008 04:47 AM

For purchases it depends what it is. I have purchased auto knives and magazines during the ban with just a military or police ID. Guns need to be on Department letterhead and signed by the Chief. Never bought LE/Military only guns while on active duty. If a gun is restricted to LE/ Military only because it is subject to NFA (full auto post '86, suppressed, SBR, SBS etc.), you as an individual cannot purchase one. It would be purchased by the exempted organization and effectively belong to that organization as a collective entity.

Who knows what will be banned. Sharp sticks seem like a candidate if Obama reigns. The gun most likely will not be banned (at a Federal level). Magazine restrictions are most probable. I can see an attempt to ban the caliber but not sure how successful that would be.

I have a Glock 26, 23 and 24C. I love them all. Dillinger may toute the 1911, but he just hasn't come around yet.

If you're not tied to a certain design you might want to check out CZ pistols. The CZ75B .40 caliber is my all time favorite. They also make a compact version, and I believe two variations with alloy frames as well as a polymer version. There are "sub variants" on all the above with DAO, decockers, etc. The fullsize 75B is my favorite, and has a great price tag usually less than 5 bills. The CZ is one of the most widely issued pistols in the world and arguably the MOST copied, even more so than the 1911. It never really got the fame it deserved only due to the restricted number in the US prior to the "wall" coming down. Since then, scores of companies have copied it for commercial sales in the US and bombarded the market with new names, but a design that has been around since, well, 1975. Tanfoglio, FIE, Sphinx (very high end Swiss import, but still a CZ clone) Springfield Armory, IMI and others have all gotten thier piece of the pie with the original CZ design, but none have improved upon it. Check with MarkF for his opinion on them as well.

Below are a few that sell Mausers at decent prices. Not collectors pieces by any stretch.

Shotgun News usually has a few advertisers who sell reasonable 98's and Nagants.

BigO01 10-26-2008 09:19 AM

Well first things first I hope you have friends or family that can keep any banned guns from a state you may be stationed in for you , being military doesn't give you a pass to own anything you want within a state even if you live on base it has to be transfered there somehow and that is still illegal if the state bans it .

As a matter of fact most people who join the military because they're progun are in for some rude awakenings .

I have a friend who's Brother Inlaw was a big hunter and even as a Army MP who carried a gun everyday on the job , didn't have a single weapon in his base housing , he had to check his duty weapon out and in at the start and end of every day .

If you live on base you won't be keeping any weapons at all in your residence , they'll store them for you in the armory and allow you to use them but you can't just go wandering around a base with a weapon . Best option for a gun owner is to live off post but then you are 100% subject to all of that states particular laws .

As a matter of fact the way things seem to be working allot of military and former seem to be having difficulty making it through the NICs checks without being delayed these days .

As to what gets banned who knows as a Senator the VP candidate Biden would like to Ban them all without exception and has said so openly . He looks at gun owners like we are the scum of the earth and I'm sure would love to jail every single one of us the Constitution be Damned .

The Executive branch has to enforce what the Judaical branch rules and even if every gun law was struck down an Obama appointed justice department wouldn't enforce a single ruling they make .

I personally wouldn't be buying anything exotic and expensive because if it gets Banned and taken away from you , even if later you or someone else challenges it in court and the bann is ruled unconstitutional I would bet you still would never see your gun again as they will probably put the destruction of all confiscated guns in the top priority category and I wouldn't hold my breath on monetary compensation either .

Mark F 10-26-2008 12:35 PM


I can and will check out what the future status of the FN FiveSeven will be, for you. I am very much a CZ devote, like jeepcreep927 said. I have several models and everyone of them serves its intended purpose to the letter. I also own a lot of pistols from the most respected gun makers around the world, but I always keep my CZ75B near by, in Condition One.

FN makes superbe weapons. Should you opt to populate your collection with FN products, you won't be disappointed. Just don't forget to look at CZ.

DuckA 10-26-2008 02:54 PM

I'm not sure where people get the idea that you cannot keep weapons in base housing. I lived in base housing while I was stationed in Commyfornia and had no problem keeping my weapons in my house. I couldn't keep them in the barracks, but once my wife moved out there and we moved into base housing, it was fine. I think it depends on the commander. I did have to register my weapons. All that entailed was getting the form from my platoon sergeant and getting it worked up the chain to the company commander.

Granted, I only ever lived in base housing while I was in Cali. It may be different at every other military installation, but I don't think so.

Crispy129 10-26-2008 03:12 PM

Yeah, don't worry I didn't join the Army because I'm a gun nut. The Army has a way of taking the fun out of a lot of the shooting you do (keep in mind I didn't say ALL of it :) ). I agree that Biden and Nobama would do whatever they could to abolish firearms, as if those are the reason for crime. How many bank robbers or drug dealers go and take the extra effort and pay FAR more to legally buy a weapon and have it registered to them so it's easier for them to get caught if they use it. They're going to go to their buddy or down to another street corner and buy a stolen one for $20. Anyway, I'm sure we all feel the same on that issue, but that's another story...

As far as them taking my firearm away, how likely is that to happen? If something like that does happen, one of my good friends or family members may have to "steal" the weapon so I'd have to report it stolen. For the next year or two, anything I buy will probably be with family members because I still have a good bit of training ahead of me before I actually get to my unit.

Thanks for the advice on the CZ's, I'll definitely check them out. What's a good price for a CZ, USP .40, FNP, and FiveSeven at a gun show? I assume that's probably one of the cheaper places to get them.

SGT-MILLER 10-26-2008 05:14 PM

If you live in base housing, you can keep your weapons with you. If you are single, and live in the barracks, you have to check your weapons into the armory, which sucks.

Crispy129 10-26-2008 07:06 PM

If they were about to be banned, it'd probably take a while, right? Do you think I'd be able to wait 6 months to a year to get one?

SGT-MILLER 10-26-2008 08:20 PM

The weapons won't get banned. The worst we'll see is another version of the Brady bill that will restrict what types of weapons we can own (i.e. mag capacity restrictions, and automatic rifles).

BTW... Good luck when you get commissioned as a 2LT. Remember to listen and learn from those experienced NCOs out there, and don't become the typical "know-it-all" LT. Good luck, and always lead from the front and by example.

Crispy129 10-26-2008 09:56 PM

I might buy a couple of the 20 rnd mags for one, but wait on purchasing the actual FiveseveN, then. I'd rather get 2-3 lower end firearms and get the FiveseveN after a few LT paychecks come in. Judging by how the government is such a model of efficiency (sarcasm), I would think that I would be safe waiting 6 months to a year to purchase a FiveseveN, and that's if they start trying to ban it almost immediately.

Yeah, I'm well aware that my PSG and other senior NCO's are going to know what's going on a lot more than I do. My main priority right now is getting in peak shape for Ranger school and just so I don't look like a dirtbag when I get to my unit seeing as how PT will be one of the first things the men in my platoon will notice. Aside from that I'm going to try to enjoy the time I have left in college and do whatever else I can to prepare for being a LT. When I went to LDAC last summer and saw ROTC cadets from all over the country, I saw why LT's get such a bad rep. A lot of it is also HOW they train/evaluate officers, you kind of have to compete for everything, and at least at LDAC it's a "squeaky wheel gets the oil" kind of thing where the kids who are overly confident/full of themselves, APPEAR to take charge (not listening to suggestions from others), yell, and turn into General Patton when the TAC's are around get the good evaluations. Meanwhile if you're calm and don't raise your voice or yell unless you have to, you just get average eval's. Haha, enough about that, it's another matter as well...

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