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danf_fl 02-15-2011 01:16 AM

Broken MIM parts
I'm not trying to start any debate.

I've heard of MIM parts breaking (so far I have not personally had any).

Do you have pictures of broken MIM parts?

Again, this is not asking opinions or debates. I just want see them.

M14sRock 02-15-2011 02:05 AM

I sheared a claw off the extractor of my SS Colt Enhanced Commander many years ago. At the time I thought it was a cast part, but it was very light. thinking back on it I'm sure it was a MIM part. The disconnector in that pistol was MIM.

My shooting partner shoots IDPA, IPSC, or Police matches almost every Saturday. He has reported back to me on a few days that "so and so blew ... part in the match today". Invariably they are guns full of factory MIM.

But I have not witnessed them, though he is the least inflammatory I know.

danf_fl 02-15-2011 02:13 AM

If you can get those parts, would you post pictures?

M14sRock 02-15-2011 02:38 AM


Originally Posted by danf_fl (Post 445583)
If you can get those parts, would you post pictures?

I probably tossed the broken extractor, but it could be in one of my tool boxes.

I'll see if he has, or can get, any of the broken MIM parts. Most of the squared away guys he shoots with will have nothing to do with MIM, so it is the beginners who are new to guns that walk off the line with a puzzled look on their face.

Dillinger 02-15-2011 02:39 AM

Dan - There may have been some MIM parts come through the shop that were "broke" but I have never seen one. I'll double check and see if Brett has any from the cast off pile.

Back when I asked about MIM parts and if I should be concerned, he pulled a manual safety from BUL out of Israel and he put it in the endmill and he took a few thousand off of it in a couple of passes.

Once he was done he pulled out the big magnifier and showed me how the Injection Molding wasn't 100%. That there were very tiny "gaps", like the smallest of air bubbles, and just said solid metal was preferred in his "former line of work".

For me, that was enough, but I admit I have yet to see a truly shattered or "broken" MIM part.

Let me check into this for you.


spittinfire 02-15-2011 12:28 PM

JD, I'm not disputting what you were shown or what your friend told you but properly made MIM should not have those "gaps". It's just like any other manufacturer of late, they are trying to cust costs and using a cheaper part is an easy way.

I've got a new 1911 in the works that I plan to keep for a LONG time and I plan to replace the MIM parts one at time. I have never seen an MIM part fail but there are better options out there and for me to get years of service as well as a carry piece why cut corners.

Dillinger 02-15-2011 03:37 PM

I would agree Spitty. Properly made.

The part in question was from Israel and a company called BUL. They have a line of pistols, I am not sure if they are capable of being imported or not, that are all 1911 clones that are pretty darn cheap in comparison because they use almost all MIM parts made in their facility.

I did get in touch with Brett last night and he doesn't have any broken parts that he has kept, they get binned as there was no need to keep them. But he said he would start a collection for me as they came in. May take a couple weeks, may take 6 months, but I will have some to show eventually.

Personally I don't want any MIM parts in my weapons, but for what I pay for them, I expect them to be 100% steel of the highest caliber. ;)


spittinfire 02-15-2011 04:35 PM

I would agree with you. If I paid what you pay for a 1911 I would excpect nothing but high quality components. I don't have $2k to drop into a pistol so when my new toy shows up I'll replace pieces and modify until I have what I want.

danf_fl 04-20-2011 10:55 AM

Still looking for broken MIM parts.

JonM 04-20-2011 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by danf_fl (Post 490213)
Still looking for broken MIM parts.

GSG 1911-22 mim reciever:

relevent posts of mine detailing the issues:

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