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Fisherking 02-08-2010 06:49 PM

Beretta 951
I have just perchased an Iraq 951 clone for cheep officers grade with holster wear parkerized finish. I was wondering how they shoot and what the problems are if any.
Thanks F.K.

deathkricket 02-09-2010 08:43 AM

During my time over seas i have shot a few of the iraq made pistols and a few were beretta and some knock offs of it, if one of the guns im thinking of is the model you are talking about, i thought the trigger pull was very soft and very long, the gun felt loose and i couldn't hit the dirt at 15 yards, but it did function without any problems using our 9mm rounds, most of the pistols i shot all felt the same way but then again, they were beat up. If you bought a modern day clone im pretty sure you wont have any weird problems, i dont like beretta and i will never own one but they are good work pistols.

Fisherking 03-01-2010 02:11 PM

I got the Tariq and shot it . the extractor was not funktioning sp all of the time so I stripped it and found that some of the parts were a little rusty. I atribute this to that they don't use gun oil over in the sand box for obvious reasions and got a little rust on the way over. I discovered that it looks like the barrel was replaced recently with a new locking block and hammer strut and spring.
After cleaning it up and oiling everything it shot 300 rounds without a hitch into about 4" groups at 25 yards benched and 8" groups standing. I figure not bad for an old sevice pistol.
I may just clean off the old parkerized finish and do a rust blueing on it.

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