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Average Rounds at the Range

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I think I usually do 100 or so. Like others have said, it depends on what I'm "bringing to the party". If I take several, then probably closer to the 200 amount.
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I used to bring all my mags, fill 'em all up, shoot 'em all off (.45) but when a box of 50 is gone in 3 minutes, it can get a tad pricy. I've gone to just bringing one mag, 5 rounds at a time. It conserves ammo and helps to make every shot count if you know you're about to run out. A box of 50 will last me well over an hour this way.

.22's is a different of 550 at the world of wally=$18 so it's a little more cost effective and I'll just shoot 'til I run out.

Mil-surps are almost the same as .22's, ammo is cheap enough but the recoil (7.62x54r) will limit my # of shots...gets tiring if not downright painful after a while. Them Russkies are some tough sob's...
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I don't go to a real range and only get to go a few times a month most of the year. Time usually dictates how much i get to shoot, and whether i brought the black powder pistols (takes a bit of time to load). I probably wouldn't go to the pit with less than a couple of boxes; that would just be a tease to me.
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Don't go to a range. I have a farm and shoot against a hillside out back. Usually shoot 120 rounds from a .357 twice a week and 180 rounds from a .22 pistol 2-3 times a week. I reload for the .357 to keep costs down on that one. Will shoot my rifles 2-3 times a month (50 rounds per session) and shotgun (25 rounds per session) about the same.
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Originally Posted by Magnum27 View Post
What are the average rounds people typically shoot at the range? I am thinking 100-200 is good but is that average or low? I am pretty sure it is not high.
depends on what im doing. i can easily shoot 1000 rounds of 22lr playing chase the 1/4 inch spot at 15yards with my ruger 22/45. the spots are those pasty bullet hole covering dots. i just put em all over the target and put one round in each some times takes three or 4 shots to hit one :/

centerfire pistol maybe 100-200 rifles usually about 50-100 depending on the weather. i dont have anyplace i can just crank off rapid fire and burn large quantities in wisconsin
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I get out to the range probably twice a month. My range bag typically includes a 22lr pistol, two or three 9mms, and then usually one "other" caliber.

22lr- 100+, unfortunately I get bored with the cheap stuff
9mm- 100-200
38/357/45/other- 50-100, if I bring them
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I often take several guns with me to test different loads. When I am doing that I may only shoot 20 rounds of that caliber. I may try 3 or 4 calibers. I cant seem to get to the range without my 1911 though. That will end up putting 50 or 100 rounds down range every time I go. My AR usually gets 50. But that is precision shooting. I take my time with 3 shot groups. When weather is nice I try to make it to the range once a week. If I am too busy then every two weeks at the least.
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Great stuff - keep it coming. I like to see that shooting 100-200 is normal. I figure I will mostly shoot that amount but thought it may be light. Glad to know experience shooters at the range have that avg. it does seem when people shoot outdoors the numbers go up A LOT!!! I am looking for a good outdoor range but IL doesn't have many
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It depends what I'm trying to accomplish. If I'm working on something new, I like short, slow, precision sessions. 50 to 100 rounds. I can get this done rather easily, as I have a handgun range at my house.

If I'm just practicing normal stuff, I'll almost always start with 200 to 300 rounds of 22.

Then move on to about 150 to 200 rounds of 40 or 45. In general I shoot far more 22 than larger stuff, just due to cost.
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One to two hundred per weapon.
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