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opaww 09-02-2011 06:23 PM

The Army to replace the M9
Pistols with a shot at replacing the M9 - Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Times

Here are some of the contenders for the replacement

CA357 09-02-2011 06:45 PM

I'm surprised that Jennings or Lorcin didn't make the short list.

Lindenwood 09-02-2011 06:50 PM

Eh, I don't think that article is much more than conjecture.

1) The M9 is way more durable and reliable than they say.

2) The M9 is probably the easiest common defensive handgun to suppress, and is really one of few that can get away with not having a booster (so suppressors are lighter, smaller, and cheaper for the same level of suppression).

3) The M9A1 has a rail.

4) The military just bought several hundred thousand M9s in 2009, after they canceled the last search for a new sidearm a few years back.

Marthor 09-04-2011 10:55 PM

Several attempts at a new handgun have died already. With budget pressures increasing like never before, don't expect and real new program to get any momentum.

Like the article said, selection process hasn't even started. This article is total speculation and fiction. The M9 will continue to serve as far out as we can see.

armsmaster270 09-05-2011 12:02 AM

I hope they go with Sig, they are already in the military inventory.

therewolf 09-05-2011 12:29 AM

I hope they seriously consider HK.

The FBI already shot themselves in the foot with a Glock .40,

and Colt and Springfield really have nothing inspirational

on the horizon.

Wouldn't it be funny if they wound up re-adopting the 1911-A1?

pubthumper 09-05-2011 12:45 AM

Yeah, but capacity would remain an issue. I see the M9 remaining the standard. Sad really, with so many other, better options. It would seem to me that as ball ammo is required by convention, the .45acp makes the most sense. Sure, you would want HPs in any combat handgun, but if you are not allowed that, that round is the go-to option. A 9mm issue weapon is just silly to me at this point. No offence to our 9 loving friends here, but c'mon. It worked in WWI, if it aint broke........

JonM 09-05-2011 01:20 AM

they already had a great handgun that worked and replaced it... duhhhh

Lindenwood 09-05-2011 01:47 AM

Heh, good point :) .

I hear the Taurus 24/7 OSS was doing well before the last trials were cancelled.

The Taurus Trials | Reviews | Guns & Ammo | Page 2

MrWray 09-05-2011 02:09 AM

Wats not inspirational about the 1911?? Its just turned 100 years old and is still a favorite and carried by thousands!!

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