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billt 04-18-2009 08:34 PM

Anyone Into 9 MM?

Sig P-226 SCT

Glock 17, and Glock 19

Sig P-226 SCT, Glock 17, and Glock 19

Sig P-226 SCT with 4, 20 round magazines.

Being a dyed in the wool .45 ACP shooter for over 3 decades now, I've been debating on a 9MM purchase for some time. Yesterday I went shopping, and after much discussion I was no closer to making up my mind then when I walked through the door. So I bought all 3.

I've never purchased 4 guns in one day before, (I also bought another AK-47), but with the political climate changing for the worse, and interest on annuity investments paying squat, I decided there were worse things in life to spend money on than quality, high capacity, semi auto firearms.

I really like the Sig P-226. It fits in your hand like your feet fit into fleece lined slippers. The SCT model of the P-226 ships with 4, 20 round factory Sig magazines. It has the Nitron finish, and Sig Night Sights as well. Both the Glock 17 and the 19 are standard daylight fixed sights. I was going to go with a 17 and a 26, but after handling the 19 the choice was obvious. The 19 fit my hands much better. Because I bought all 3 from a shop that I frequent quite often I got a smoking deal on all 3 of them.

As soon as I returned home I promptly ordered another 4 magazines for each gun from Midway, along with 4, 33 round 9MM Glock mags. Amazingly they had all of them in stock. Now all I need is some 9MM ammo. Every gun shop, as well as Cabela's and Sportsman's Warehouse is picked clean. Not a round to be had, with no telling when there will be. We've got a big Crossroads Gun Show coming next week, so I'll get up early and get in line with the rest of the cattle and try and pick up a few thousand rounds there. I doubt there will be any bargains, but at this point I just want ammo without wearing out a set of tires to find it. Hopefully then in a few weeks I'll be able to light these babies up! Bill T.

Minionsram 04-18-2009 08:40 PM

I am not a big nine mike fan, but I do own one. I really like the Sig you have! Look forward to the range report (with pics of course:D). Was thinking of getting a Sig p220, after I get another 1911 .45.

Rare Faction 04-18-2009 10:53 PM

Very good looking Sig

freefall 04-19-2009 08:38 AM

I recently acquired a couple 9 mms for ammo availability sake. (Then I had to buy 500 rds of 9mm stuff!) If I ever need to shoot somebody I hope I have something more definitive to hand.

Biohazurd 04-20-2009 06:30 PM

9mm is not my favorite caliber, Im a 45 Acp guy but i own a few 9s and enjoy shooting them regularly.

spittinfire 04-20-2009 06:43 PM

I've got a XD cub compact 9, i enjoy it and shoot it a good bit. I'm better with my 45 but thats probably because I have a lot more trigger time behind it.

chucksolo69 04-20-2009 07:23 PM

I enjoy shooting the 9mm because it is realtively cheap as opposed to the .45 ACP. I got into it when I acquired a Star Model B in 9mm and found it to be extremely accurate in that pistol. I recenlty purchased a SIG 2022 and am looking forward to its first range test. I used to be a.45 guy too, and basically still am, but the 9mm is just fun to shoot.

SHOOTER13 04-20-2009 07:45 PM

I guess I'm a little into 9mm...


S&W M659



sig_surath 04-21-2009 07:23 AM

Only one friend for 5 years with my Sig Sauer P229 :)

tekarra 04-23-2009 11:03 PM

I have more 9mms than other calibers. Have semiautos and revolvers from several manufacturers. It is a good caliber and still economical.

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