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American guns!!!!!

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The same apathy toward buying American sent most of our manufacturing overseas. Only time will tell if we lose our firearms manufacturing base or not.
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I buy the best value for the money I'm spending. Idealism is fine but it's usually professed by people that do not always practice what they are preaching. If I buy a new Chevy built with parts made in China am I buying American? A Jeep made in Canada? A Springfield made from parts produced in South America? It's a lot harder to do what your asking then you might believe. Hell, I even have a set of Craftsmen tools that where made in China.

Unless you can buy everything American then it's a moot point. Being a poor hillbilly I buy a lot used. Cars as well as guns. In doing so I'm probably supporting more Americans than some buy American supporters. I try to spend my money locally to support my local economy. Where my local vender gets their goods is way too cloud an issue to attempt to weed through it all. And it's really the best we as consumers can do.

I do agree though that we need to re-establish the American industrial base. And when that happens I will buy their products as best I can. But we wont see that until we can find a way to make products that consumers can afford to buy. Everyone wants paid top dollar and that will be reflected in prices. When money is tight the consumer really does not have the choice.

When I was a kid the crap come form Japan. Now it's China, and i twill be someplace else later. Because they cna make it cheaper and people want the best bang for their money. Maybe Americna workers cna not demand a pension and great benefits along with 28 bucks an hour to make anything. And then we might see a change. I have a friend that makes 18 bucks an hour to drive a golf cart and empty trash at a plant in Ohio. Good money got some...hard work
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What if the distributors and retailers are American companies? Is their money any good? Are their employees of less worth?

What I am more concerned with in buying imported products of any kind is did it come from a country that is friendly trading partner with the USA. Nothing secures world peace and prosperity more than fair and free enterprise among all free nations.
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Great sentiments... and honestly, I look at U.S. made firearms and products first when trying to fill a specific need (BIG Ruger fan here!!).... BUT (and there is a but at the end of everything) as a collector you sometimes have to buy other than American. They never made a domestic version of a Mauser or 91/30 Mosin... and the Israeli stuff is really good too (Fabb defense AR products, UZI's and Desert Eagles come to mind)... plus having been to the former Eastern Bloc countries and seeing firsthand the emerging capitolism there, I like the idea of supporting former (commie) state run, now privately owned firearms and ammunition manufactures.
We all have our thresholds though... Myself, I will forever try to keep anything made in China OUT of my collection (very very very hard to do!! Thank you soooooooo much Fed Gov for enforcing those trade agreements!! )
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Originally Posted by qwiksdraw View Post
What if the distributors and retailers are American companies? Is their money any good? Are their employees of less worth?

Good point and one that most people don't realize. Just because a certain product was not "manufactured" in the USA doesn't mean that said product doesn't generate jobs and income.
Someone has to import it, distribute it, warranty it, market it, etc.etc.etc.

Look at Hodgdon Powders for example, they have a lot of employees and supply America with much of the Smokeless powders we use everyday, yet they "manufacture" not a single grain of smokeless powder, most is imported from Australia and Canada.

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I am a big supporter of the "buy American" plan. I would rather buy good quality used USA made goods than to buy foreign goods when I can. At this time, the American manufacturers are running all out to keep up with demand. Buying an imported gun will in no way hurt them in the current situation. Remember, Ruger stopped taking new orders midway through last year.
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I could not buy an American gun if I wanted to. Most companies do not export to Europe. Colt Nope. Springfield nope. Smith and Wesson nope. etc.
My LGS and I asked and got either a no or no reply. I can buy Mossberg, which I did. I could also buy Ruger and Remington rifles...meh. I will stick with my CZ and Hera Arms.
I will stick with my HK and Sig for handguns. Better quality anyways. I have owned a Colt Mark IV 1911 in the past, but I was in the states. Nice gun, very nice.
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Originally Posted by apwvsd40ve View Post
I do not think that the OP neccesarily meant this in the extreme context that you feel. In theory, the more American made products we buy, and the less "made in ......" We buy....the better it is for our country. Now, with that said, there are instances where this becomes difficult. I try to make sure large purchases (vehicles, for example) are American made. However, most of the Toyota line in our country is American produced...but the parts are not, necessarily. I purchase American owned and operated brands. (jeep, ford, gmc, etc.) Our global economy had blurred the lines a bit. But, that s not to say we should not at least try to support American made when possible....just my $.02.
I disagree that nationalism is a good thing. Prices are a function of the efficiency of the allocation of resources. When the cost of paying for healthcare, taxes, and regulations, and a crumbling infrastructure eliminate the ability for American companies to compete, of course the jobs are going to move to areas where these limitations do not exist.

Buying a certain way simply because it's "your" country only endorses these ill-conceived practices and wastes resources.
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Tcan- So if I am understanding your view correctly.....the loss of your job to someone in another country is ok..if it is the best use of resources?

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If all other countries had similar attitudes were would we be. Only buy European cars for example no one has any problems with other countries setting up factories in their country creating employment. How would America survive without Glock pistols. I buy what I like regards quality and price etc as it happens one of my is American one Canadian and one made in the Czech republic.
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