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5 calibers for life

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.308 (the only of these I don't own, but I want an M1A so bad)
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.22 LR
12 gauge
.223 (someday...have the others)
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Originally Posted by sweeper22 View Post
Was talking to someone about "caliber consolidation" when this senario came up: You can choose five firearm calibers (all platforms) for your current and future collection. Whether you own 2 guns or 200 guns, what five calibers would you narrow it down to?
I had to sit and think about this one for a bit, and changed my mind numerous times in the process. Would I be doing this for ease of use in a SHTF type situation, or would I be doing it just to keep my collection as simple as possible, or both?

First, the easy part:

12 ga.- I don't see a reason to consider another gauge, since this one can do just about everything.

From here on, I flip-flopped and wavered quite a bit. I used to think I was indecisive, now I'm not so sure.

.357 Mag- In addition to the powerful revolvers, there are a goodly number of lever action rifles chambered for this round. The fact they can also be loaded with .38 Specials may technically be cheating, but hey, another advantage.

.22LR- As much as I wanted to opt for the .22WMR, I decided on the Long Rifle instead. Rifles and pistols galore. A great, great round.

.223/5.56 NATO- Many rifle options available and military usage has made this one a no-brainer. While a more powerful round would be good in some situations, I don't know what I would be needing something more powerful for. I would have no intention of shooting beyond the capabilities of the round, nor would I be hunting something that couldn't be taken with either it or one of the others in my arsenal.

9mm- Despite my preference for something a bit more powerful, the availability, variety and expense of rounds for this one makes it the more obvious choice to me. Again, military usage weighs in its favor.
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I'll weight in even thought these have been suggested previously:

.22 LR - should be plentiful and good for small game
9mm - very plentiful and good all-around handgun round
.223 - very plentiful and good round for game and defense
12 gauge - very versatile
.308 - good for larger game

that's my $0.02
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A 1911 .45 acp S&W with 5 inch barrel

A S&W Model 66 .357mag

A Browning Auto 5 Light 12 Belgium

Browning 7mm mag

Sako 270

With the above, I am prepared for anything short of aerial attack.

Now how much ammo are we allowed for these five guns?
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22lr--bolt action with scope
280 Rem--best "normal" 7mm made
.45 ACP - no explanation needed
.41 Mag revolver - because I'm wierd
28 ga Side by Side - see above

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From a perfectly impractical point of view, I stand to someday inherit from my father a pair of Century Mfg. .45-70 revolvers (with consecutive low 3-digit serial numbers).

Just for comparison here is a good picture, but dad's has the bronze frame and blued barrel and cylinder.

so for me:

22LR cheap and fun
12 gauge
.45-70 Although at $3.50-$4 every time you pull the trigger I probably wouldn't use much

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I'm gonna go with mostly military cartridges (except 1 obviously), since we all know there already is a lifetime supply available for most of us somewhere in the U.S. and production will probably continue forever (whenever that may be ) Also that is the direction I have decided to work towards this year and I've already started.


.223/5.5.x45mm - plenty of it, plenty of guns, good enough range for most applications
12 gauge - plenty of it + versatility
.22 lr - plenty of it + economical + quiet
.308 - good amount + enough range for the rest of possibilities + game power
9mm - unfortunately my least favorite handgun cartridge - I'd don't currently own a gun chambered for this measly pea shooter - but, like previously stated it is a NATO cartridge, cheap and plentiful

STRONG runner up - 7.62 x 39mm - may very well take the place of the 9mm. The AK-47 was my first love in the rifle world (other than a .22) and if I were over seas this would be near the top. There is just too little domestic manufacturing and very little loading capabilities.
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Originally Posted by sweeper22 View Post
Here's what I came up with:

9mm- Semi-auto pistols, some carbines...plenty of guns to choose from, cheap ammo
.45acp- Semi-auto pistols, some carbines...can't miss out on 1911s
.223/5.56- Some pistols (sorta), ARs and other tactical semis, bolt action rifles
.308- Bolt action rifles, M1A, FAL, AR10, etc
12 gauge- Ammo is easy to come by, and there's no shortage of exotic loads out there if you're feeling creative
I would swap the 9mm for .357 Mag and the .223 for .22 LR .
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5.56 ( Might be willing to switch this to a 7.62x39)
12 ga
308 (or 30-06)

Really though a good pistol (for me that's a 45ACP), a 12 gauge and a 22 rifle and one would have plenty to protect and feed themselves.
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