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kim123 05-24-2012 10:51 AM

455 webley fosbery sales
I have a webley fosbery that I need to sell. I am a novice at the gun thing but am becoming more and more educated with all that I have to deal with. As the executrix of my parents estate I am responsible for liquidating all the assets....the Webly being one of them. Both of my parents were gun dealers, my father somewhat of a collector, which brings me to my question: I am looking for good ideas where to sell this gun, looking for ideas about it's value, wondering what others have sold for recently. I realize that they are few and far between. Most that I have been able to Google were sold years ago...not sure if those prices still apply. From what I've read seems they run around 5k or 6k for the gun...with the case around 8k or 9k. This one has the case....and all these pricess were from 10 or more years back. My father seemed to think it was worth more than that and another guy who has seen this gun said the same thing. There is a screw and part missing...I believe it is the safety "lever"....otherwise the gun is in good condition. I have also read that for a nominal fee you can get a document stating the original purchaser. I'd love to know how to do that. Any comments or information is appreciated.

c3shooter 05-24-2012 01:55 PM

Kim. first, welcome to the forum. When you get a minute, stop by the intro section, say hi, and tell us a bit about yourself.

As to the value of your revolver- values are based on exact make, model, and CONDITION. With very scarce collectors guns, condition drives a HUGE part of the value. Unfortunately, none of us can judge condition without the gun in hand. Accessories will push the value up.

I have seen 2 that sold in the past several years. 0ne a nickel plated version, with papers, for over $17,000. That is INCREDIBLY rare. The other a refinished blued version for just over $6,000.

IF you had an ordinary modern firearm, I would direct you to a local gunshop, or one of the on-line firearm auction sites. However, you need to be talking with the firms that sell the very rare guns, and have the expertise, ability, and clientele to sell it at the best price. They can also advise on values.

Rock Island Auction Company may be ONE of the firms you would discuss this with, and there others. They usually do these on consignment- at sale, they get a percentage of the sale price.

Provenance- you MAY be able to get a letter from Webley- it would show the retailer it went to, not the retail purchaser.

Wildalaska 05-24-2012 05:26 PM

Put it up on Gunbroker, no reserve, starting at a Penny, and you will get FMV. I have sold numerous collector guns that way. One of my buds woould bid that one to the heavens...hell I'd run $5K on it just to start

WebleyFosbery38 05-28-2012 04:05 PM

Kim, Your weapon is rare and to be cased makes it even more desirable if its original to the weapon. Their are a few differant versions of that and they all sell quite differently according to condition and version. As you have found out, there isnt much info about them out there, you have to really look hard to find anything but the standard info.

Dont clean it, take it apart, allow anyone who isnt an expert to touch it or try to fire it without a real smith checking it out first. The 455 had less than 4000 ever produced, the more you find out about yours, the more it will be worth to the next owner.

The person you need to contact is Richard Milner in the UK, he has all of the available Webley archives and can give you any info available for a reasonable cost to include copies of the original entries in Webley's register for your piece. He's a really great guy and has a wonderful collection of WF's himself (even though he's not allowed to shoot them anymore thanks to the queen!).

The Nickel 38 C3 was talking about was mine before it sold for 17K+ May 2nd. I sold it through Cowans in Ohio and it was worth every dime they earned as a commission. Christies is another place worth looking at. Had I sold it to a dealer, It would have gone 4-6K. Funny thing is my piece was also missing the safety, lefty fire issue with that unit, My dad removed it and lost it back in the 50's. !

Dont be in a hurry, you only get one chance to sell it! It took 5 months to sell mine but it was well worth the wait.

Good luck!

c3shooter 05-28-2012 04:58 PM

Webley- excellent information- and on behalf of the original poster, thank you.

By the way, welcome to the forum. When you get a minute, stop by the intro thread, say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself.

And other than the photos of yours, I have never SEEN a nickeled W-F! Would love to hear the story behind that one!

WebleyFosbery38 05-28-2012 07:17 PM

Hello C3, glad to be invited in! I did a little intro and I will post a bit about the 38 in the Revolver section for those interested in it!

kim123 05-31-2012 11:27 PM

Hello all. Thanks for all the information you've given. Here's a little update. I just went and took a look at the case the WF is in and it has the initials C.A.C. stamped in the leather on top. (not sure what that is) Inside the box was all sorts of documentation. My father bought it in 1984 from a couple in Texas...there is a amount..just says paid in full and has their names. They bought it for $1.00 from the Carlton Jones whom it was issued to in 1945. I have the paperwork from HEADQUARTERS UNITED KINGDOM BASE APO 415, US ARMY to the Commisioner of Police in London certifying that Carlton Jones of the US Army is approved to purchase the weapon upon his departure from the United Kingdom, dated November 28 1945, signed by Lt. Col. James Cullen Provost Marshal. I also have the receipt from the London Metropolitan Police for 5 shillings for issue of a Firearms Certificate for said WF, the recepit from James Woodward & Sons (Gun and Rifle Makers of London SW1) for 2 Pounds for deposit on said WF, the receipt from James Woodward & Sons for 10 Pounds for payment in full for said WF, and a certificate signed by Carlton Jones' Commanding Officer (Samuel G. Lebow AGD, Captain, 42nd Machine Records Unit) stating T/5 Carlton Jones (with his ASN #) is authorized to retain said WF .455 cal Target Pistol #3697. So...what do you all think of this info? Add any value? or just cool stuff?

c3shooter 06-01-2012 01:05 AM

Kim- insert big disclaimer here- I am a hobbyist collector, and not a dealer in antiquities- HOWEVER-

What you are describing is known as the provenance of the item. That is, DOCUMENTATION of how it got to be to where it is. In general, yes, it does enhance the value of the item. How much? Ehh- can't really say- there is no one hard and fast number- but it IS a factor in values.

Now, obviously provenance showing direct connection to a famous person or event ups the BLING KA-CHING! factor- paperwork that shows the gun was originally shipped to Ensign Winston Churchill, then shipped to the US aboard the Hindenburg, etc is big factor. :D

WebleyFosbery38 06-01-2012 01:37 AM

I agree C3, every scrap of info is a few more shillings, according to exactly who, it could be many pounds. The worth of the weapon is really going to be based on a number of physical factors as well as the prov. Only a true aficionado with a pedigree or an auction will be able to put the real value on it.

I would almost bet that if it is in good working order and it hasn't been modified or refinished, your not looking at less than $6k, they just don't sell any less than that if they are given the correct audience to volley for it. If its in excellent condition and has some rarer characteristics like being a Bisley Target Shooters Weapon or Nickel Plated, it could go very much more than that.

By all means, take some pictures of it and get them up on the site here, I would love to see them and its bound to get you some commentary if not interest!

Historyhunter 06-01-2012 11:40 PM

Hi, I'm new to this forum, and found it whilst googling Webley Fosbery. I'm looking for one of these. Would love to see photos!

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