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.45 vs. 9mm

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I carry a .45acp para ordnance C6LDA
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Old 11-04-2007, 02:40 AM   #22
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I like them both, and carry them both. 10 rounds of Black Hills 230 grain +P JHP, or 17 rounds of Black Hills 124 grain +P JHP. If I knew for certain I was going to need it that day, I'd probably lean a little in the direction of the .45. But I like that flat trajectory of the 9mm. Tough call. Viva la difference.
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1911 45 acp.

Why? A wise man once told me to never get into a gun fight with anything that does not start with a 4.

With the ammo out there today I would not worry with either one. Plenty of people have been killed with either a 9mm or a 45 acp. I carry 185gr Gold Dots. Just do not use FMJ for SD loads.

I got the luck to be able to qualify with botht he 1911 a1 and the M-9 while I was in the Army. I scored expert with both but I did find the lighter recoil of the m-9 made for faster follow up shots.

You can get pistols that hold a lot of both rounds. So put some pictures on a dart board and throw a dart buy the one it hits.
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To me, it comes down to the wardrobe...

I live in central FL. I own a XD45 Service, and a XD9 SubCompact.

If I have room/coverage to carry the bigger .45 (winter), I'll take it. If I have shorts and a t-shirt on... the 9mm SC.

In a full sized, four-finger-grip, 4"+ barreled gun, there's no reason to go with a 9mm if .45 is availible.

In a 3-finger gripped, 3" (or less), lightweight, compact gun... 9mm! The 9mm stays on target better thana .45 or worse... .40, in a short barrel, light gun.

The XD45/XD9SC combo is PERFECT.
Same grip, same trigger, same sights, same holsters, same ergonomics, same take-down...

But with the versatility of two guns/calibers! Train with the XD9SC... Ammo is cheaper. Shoot the XD45 less, but it feels like the 9mm.

My system.

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Default .45acp Vs 9mmp



I have to agree with the majority of the posts here, WHY PICK 1? I carry a Model M-95 classic copy of the Browning Hi Power in pMM in a detective slide unit of 4 1/2" long, I have the full size slide for the range as well as aRock Island Full size 45 ACP! I agrre that the 9MM P is cheaper to shoot and the .45ACP I like for serious social work, not that the 9MM with the right kind of Hollow Point bullet won't get the job done! It's a mater of Bullet placement as well as expansion and 9MM and .45ACP have been getting the job done for years! Those that wanna go .357 Sig or other rounds, GO AHEAD, I know what works, what I've used that worked and what I've seen others that works! Plus they can be found in most gun shops and wally work if necesary? Why re-invent the wheel when it rolls jut fine how it is? I'm a big fan as well of .38 Special, as well as .357 Magnum in a revolver, as I see them as workable as a defence gun as well, it's not just an "Semi-Automatic" thing! Caried one or all of the above and never felt under gunned to tell the truth, hell have even carried one of the 9MM makarov pistols in a PA-63, as well as a East german and Bulgarian copy of the Russian Makarov pistol!

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My 1911 .45 anyday with hollow point loads.
The frame feels right, it shoots great, it feels great, and it works flawlessly everytime.
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I remember once taking a flight from San Diego to San Jose, sometime in the mid 70's. I was reading an article in a gun magazine (G&A?) that would "finally put an end to the debate about which cartridge is better." I'm sorry, but I can't remember what their recommendation was, but I guess they were a bit premature in settling the argument.

I carried a .45acp, 1911 off duty in those days, my department requiring .357 magnum revolvers on duty. That was when the new "wonder nines" were just hitting the LE market, and I jumped on the bandwagon. In those days S&W would only sell their model 59 to law enforcement. I carried it on and off duty for several years, until I was moved to sell it and go with a .40 S&W in the mid 90's. Now, in retirement, I've come full circle back to the .45 acp side of the argument.

I prefer a larger, heavier bullet, plus I've seen too many cases where 9mm's failed to perform as advertised. That's my opinion & experience, your mileage may vary.

I don't think this debate will ever reach a mutually agreed upon conclusion.
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Originally Posted by RMTactical View Post

Good power with +p loads, good capacity, smaller gun, less recoil, and the number one reason is...

I can afford to shoot more, therefore increasing my skill and training and making me able to make the shots that matter, as shot placement is the most important factor in a shootout.

I have guns in both calibers and for ease of carry 9mm is the way to go. OTOH, my bedroom gun is a .45!
"... Americans... we want a safe home, to keep the money we make and shoot bad guys." -- Denny Crane
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Default The Tactics List is calling and it wants it's thread back.

(I don't know if anyone remembers the tactics email list from about 10 years ago.)

Anyhow, the best 'stopping power' science hasn't conclusively proven one or the other to my satisfaction.

Nothing expands reliably enough to make up for poor marksmanship. Yes I shoot JHP, but I don't expect the expansion to be the difference between winning and losing.

I think that you are going to shoot the gun you have handy when you need it. If you are happy with your .45 or 9mm than good enough. If you are buying a gun, then all major calibers are about equally effective as fight stoppers so pick the one that the gun you like shoots, and your budget can handle the ammo costs for practicing.
Like your ideas, only
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Well for concealed carry, which ever one you will carry all the time, and not leave behind because of bulk or weight. I want large holes if needed and I want the bullet to use ALL of its energy in the bad guy. So my humble vote is for the 45.
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