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glenthoughts 10-05-2009 04:09 AM

.380 Defensive Rounds
masterPsmith is getting my .380 auto back in the game.

I would like to know what a good .380 defensive round?

The weapon is a Sterling Arms Mark II Model 400 DA

It is a DA first shot, SA thereafter, and it seems to be kind of a PPK knockoff from what i have read and seen. It fires all hardball 95 grain rounds without effort, but some cone shapped hollows dont work so well in it, so a round nose hollow would be ideal.

Thanks guys for the help. My wife likes this little gun and is not "afraid" of it. It is my BUG to my .45 also. I want it to be maximum effective if that horrible moment ever arrives.

Gojubrian 10-05-2009 06:32 AM

Hornady 'critical defense' rounds look pretty good. :cool:

spittinfire 10-05-2009 11:20 AM

The critical defense rounds have tested well. I don't think you could go wrong with hydrashocks, gold dots or similar. There are a number of good choices out there. go pick up a box of each and see which one your pistol likes.

NGIB 10-05-2009 11:21 AM

I generally use Gold Dots in my .380s. This being said, make sure you test the gun for function with whatever carry ammo you choose...

sweeper22 10-05-2009 01:24 PM

I don't see .380 rounds around too much. If you're considering ordering some, give Double Tap a look. Quality ammo and they're able to fill orders when everyone else runs dry, but can be a little spendy (around $35-39/per 50, +S&H).

stalkingbear 10-05-2009 01:27 PM

I'd recommend you have him do a throating job on it while he's fixing it otherwise. It would then digest hollow points. Honestly, if it was me, I'd consider trading it in on something that parts are more available for. Those little Sterlings are hard to find parts for.

30-30remchester 10-05-2009 06:05 PM

I load mine with Cor Bon DPX all copper hollowpoints and Buffalo Bore 95 grain fmj flatnose. I live in a remote area that often has bears and cats wandering around my house, so I never know what I might encounter, so I stagger my rounds, one hollowpoint ,one fmj ,ect. Clint Smith swears by the DPX'S and the Buffalo Bore fmj get 20" of penatration in meat.

stalkingbear 10-05-2009 06:30 PM

I keep my .380 stoked with Hornady Critical Defense rounds but they're "cone" shaped. I'll bet Gold Dots should feed ok.

masterPsmith 10-05-2009 07:23 PM

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Glen should not have any problems with hollow points in his Sterling. I could touch-up the throat a bit, but it looks like it will feed well as is. Gold Dots would be a very good choice..


glenthoughts 10-05-2009 07:59 PM


Thanks for the input guys, I will try Gold Dots, good to see my little "Bond" size gun again... :cool:

I would love to have an Ed Brown 1911, a PPK .380 and so forth, but we live on one income in a two income world. This particular gun is the only one that was my Dad's that I have. My older brother got most of his guns when he died.

I will keep this gun, not wear it out, and keep it functional.

My wife and I are saving our nickles for a Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Great site, very helpful people here, and I have not seen any knuckleheads yet... how refreshing is that?

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