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I'm looking at a Ruger LCP for my next pistol.
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the Bersa is a great .380 for teh money, but I don't put it in the "pocket" catagory unless we are talking heavy coat pocket.

I have an LCP. It is a great size and weight for pocket carry. I can throw it in a DeSantis holster, slip it in my pocket and pretty much forget about it. It WAS really reliable, not as punishing to shoot as a lot of people made them out to be. My complaints are:
- the trigger reach is really unnaturally short for me and makes the pistol want to turn in my hand as I run it through that long trigger pull. For a gun that will be a point and shoot type, I find this to be a problem.
-Also, now that I've had it a while it has started to develop metal peening on the slide and barrel hood which are causing the slide to hang up a bit once the slide is pulled fully to the rear. It hasn't caused problems yet when firing, but when chambering the first round it hangs up, and I imagine it would only be a matter of time before it effects firing perfromance. I've Googled teh problem and it looks like it is a problem that other folks have had with teh LCP and LC9 pistols. Ruger seems to make it right if you contact them and send it back, but it is an issue that I feel folks who are looking at buying one should be aware of so they can look for the problem. I can't currently trust mine until I get it fixed.

I have fired the Sig 238 that a friend of mine purchased. It has a short travel trigger and the trigger reach is more natural for adult hands. It does weigh more than the LCP but is still small and flat and would fit in a fornt pants pocket just the same way taht my LCP does. Also for practicing, it is more pleasant to shoot, has useable sights and is very accurate and more natural pointing for a pistol this size. It's also expensive, but I think you get your money's worth out of this pistol.

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My LCP is my "go to" gun of all my carry guns. In my Stoner back pocket holster it goes everywhere - is small enough to always be with me. Others - larger - heavier - nope! This one goes with me.
It has never malfunctioned at the range.
I am armed ... and that is what I want. It is excellent for concealed carry self defense!
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Originally Posted by shamrock22 View Post
What is the best .380 "pocket pistol" on the market?
I enjoy carrying the Ruger LCP .380 on me wherever I go. When I go out with loved ones then I carry as well my primary .45 along with the .380.


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First by quality of product and service, then by value, price to quality ratio, and concealability.

1. Colt Pocketlite
2. Sig P238
3. AMT Backup II
4. Bersa Thunder
1. AMT Backup II
2. Bersa Thunder
3. Colt Pocketlite
4. Sig P238

There are others of quality I'm forgetting and others DAO, but I'm dead set against DAO trigger action (with very few exceptions) and will not recognize or consider them in my answers because of that.

For me Sig is overpriced by miles. Most would tell you the AMT is a junker, they did have a few years with quality control issues, as long as you get the second edition you'll be fine.

Bersa kicks tush, end of story. Amazing worth from a small buck spent.

I personally love Jimenez Arms guns, but as a concealed carry I wont recommend as they are striker fire with no hammer and I don't and wont trust that, ever.

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Sig 238 - extremely small, fun to shoot, accurate. Also, looks really damn nice.
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Like my little LCP, but as soon as I get a Shield 9, no more 380 for me.
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Originally Posted by FearTheFree7 View Post
I love my Sig p238. Shoots like a dream and has good weight to it for being small.
I have a Sig P238. I love it for the same reasons as above and the trigger is very sweet, indeed.
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Anyone hear about the new Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite?

.380 - General Handgun Discussion
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I carry an S&W Bodyguard 380 every day. I'd definitely recommend it.

The Sig has the best trigger out of the group, but that's also the reason I would not carry it in my pocket. Its trigger is too crisp and short for my comfort level in a pocket.

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