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3 pistols you would have and 3 you wouldn't

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so far i've never owned or fired any (non bb/pellet) pistols or handgun (except for once, a 9mm on new years eve, on a farm in the andes mountains) but my 3 n3 would be:

1st Three I propose To have/get:
1. original german walther ppk-
its german, the James Bond gun, i'm german, i like james bond, and probaly a good starting caliber for a handgun too
2. Colt 1911 .45 -a standard issue wwII or 60's 70' era
this is pure classic, it should be No.1
3. beretta 93r
this is the Mack Bolan piece i recall reading so many descriptive accounts of(besides the .44 automag), would like to have one for that reason alone though not sure if this was the author's version of the 92, never seen a 93 anywhere...

Three I'll likely never own:
1. a glock
for me, glock is to pistol as teva/birkenstock is to summer shoe, many love em, own em, use em, but i likely never will....just dont like em.
2. .50 cal anything S&W, desert eagle, taurus....
uh....why? was next to one last sunday at the range....just seems like such a novelty unless you've had everything else i guess.
3. a derringer
unless i want a collection of small guns i'll never fire, which i have in 1/35 scale models all ready....i dont think i'll ever have one of i dont wear garters.....

i'm sure my opinions may be subject to change once i get into and more experienced with handguns....

if i could choose a 4th, it would definitely be an old colt six shooter....
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The only one I don't one that I would like is the FNH Five seveN and since I never have to make up my mind on anything else I own I could never just live with just three. I see a lot of dislike for Glocks, wow and I guess I haven't shot enough of them to make up my mind (I only own 9) so maybe I can make up my mind soon. And I used to be a Taurus hater, but I have turned the corner on that, I own two of their 1911's and am happy, I have owned many, many colt 1911's in the past, but the cost just got out of hand. The Judge I carry every day when I'm out and the number of rattlesnakes it has dispatched would make most city folk crap themselves. I have shoot rattlesnakes with a .22 pistol before and even on one occassion made 3 hits to the head, and a shotgun is never with you when you walk upon one. Now I cn and have killed them with a shovel, but a gun is just too much fun. So guess with the glocks and judge I am an outcast on this board,
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Some of these will have to wait a bit as my current priorities fall into the rifle department. My picks are pretty practical and plain...since I've only got 3 handguns at the moment. I'm pretty value-conscious, which figures into both #1 picks.

Three To Have:

1) CZ 75- Got it, and recommend to anyone. One of the finest platforms out there.

2) My 1st 1911- Probably a commander frame. Some day soon maybe...too bad DWs are jumping in price.

3) Quality 4-6" 357 revolver- A mint Python would be great, but I'll probably settle for a GP100.

Have no need for:

1) Desert Eagle .50ae- An impractical handful of expensive bling.

2) Taurus Judge- I guess it'd be handy if you were ambushed by a swarm of rogue bats or something.

3) Sub .380 pocket guns- And I'd include the 380, if the LCP weren't so appealing. Just get a 9mm already.
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Pistols I would like to have:
1 Anything Nighthawk
2 Springer XD in .45
3 .357 wheelgun, preferably Ruger

Pistols I would not like to have:
1 anything RG
2 anything Sterling arms
3 Lorcin
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Full size 1911 in 45
Sig 229
quality 357 wheelgun

Cheaply made crap
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it is GHAY not GAY. ***FACE PALM***
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Looks fun so here it is:

The good (and one wish)

1. Any classic Smith and Wesson. Own 66-1 & 64 (constantly on the prowl)
2. Ruger revolvers. Own Ruger Single-6, Blackhawk .44mag, SP101 .357
3. Anything from the XD and XDM line. I've loved every one I've shot (including my own) and even though it only makes it out of the safe for range days, it will eventually have a purpose.
4. The wish list includes a 1911 in a left handed configuration from Wilson or Brown

The never would own

1. Hi-point, Taurus, Bersa, Jimmenez
2. Kel-Tec. good gun, but customer service was rude and unhelpful and that's a pet peeve of mine.
3. Any Desert Eagle

I can't say I won't ever own another Glock. Although I'm not too fond of them, if I came across a killer deal, desperate man, what have you. I'd have to jump, if only to resell to a fan-boy.
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would own
1. a webley fosburry
2. a mateba unica 6 in 44 magnum
3. a schofield top-break revolver

never own
1. desert eagle
2. any glock
3. anything thats pink.
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Ok, here goes my pickÖ

Would have:

1. S&W 625, 5 inch, 45 ACP - fantastic gun my baby and my wife knows if it comes down to her and the 625 Ö sheís out of here (oh yeah she gave it to me).
2. Glock 21, 45 ACP Ė great gun, reliable, functional and ready for the SHTF.
(Have 2 of them)
3. S&W 4516, 3.5 inch barrel, 45 ACP, wonderful compact auto for general carry.
(Have one)

Would not have:

1. Any Ruger, donít like the feel of them, donít like the looks of them, just donít like them and if I donít like them I wonít shoot well with them, so no Rugers.
2. Llama, accident waiting to happen.

Thatís pretty much it, only have two I donít or wonít have.
"I never killed anyone who didn't need killing."
JW Hardin
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I would like to own;
1. Mateba Model 6 454 Hunter in 454 Casull 3 pistols you would have and 3 you wouldn't - General Handgun Discussion

2. Korth Combat Pistol in 357 Magnum 3 pistols you would have and 3 you wouldn't - General Handgun Discussion
3. Heirloom Precision Ted Yost Signature Grade Hi-Power in 9mm 3 pistols you would have and 3 you wouldn't - General Handgun Discussion

I would never own;
1. Any Hi-point
2. Any Desert Eagle
3. Any Taurus

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- orangello
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