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bobski 04-06-2013 12:36 PM

2nd FTF Shotgun Shoot & Hoot, Vanzant, Mo. OCT 5/19, 2013
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our first ever ftf shoot was a success. by popular demand and for the ones who couldnt come in march, im offering it again in oct. start planning now!

i enjoy bringing cyber posters together to share something in common, shooting! being retired military, i have a lot of free time to devote to my passion, shotguns and people. i enjoy it so much, that i bought this abandoned range a few years ago, just to have people come out and learn to shoot. it also gives the locals something to do after those long hard days on the farm. i live in va.. so i only visit up to mo. twice a year. so i'd like to offer you all a chance to come meet me at my place for a great little getaway which i promise will be worth your time.
i use to shoot on the navy shooting team, rifle, pistol, and shotgun. i was on the world champion navy skeet team that won gold in san antonio back in the 90's. i know the game.
to make your visit to the ftf meet worth the trip, im offering free instruction and coaching to all that sign up.
i prefer it to be 'bring your own shotgun and ammo,' but if you dont have either, i will ensure some will be here for you to borrow. and too, others will surely bring some to loan as well.
i will open my clubhouse for free as well.
it has a kitchen, so anyone is welcome to use it to cook. i cant cook for you guys....i'll be teaching on the range, so if you want to bbq or eat grub, bring your own food and cook it yourselves.
the range parking lot is big enough for campers. i dont have sewage, but i do have electricity and water hookups. bring your extention cords and hoses. so if you want to bring a camper to save on motels, feel free. pitch a tent too if youd like.
i dont have a bbq grill, so someone will need to bring one.
the clubhouse is knotty pine, has running water, toilet, heat and ac.

weather is always the stick in the mud, so we all really do need to plan this as a weekend event. banking on one day is a gamble. so plan it as a weekend getaway and enjoy some of the sites around here if it rains on 5 oct. if you can get here friday, it will give us wiggle room. if you leave monday morning, even better. but i understand most of you must return for work. (sorry to hear that. cheer up, some day youll be retired like me.:D)

tickets are 50.00. the reason you get tickets in advance is i must order targets by the pallet. a pallet of targets is 1 ton and costs approx 650.00. it needs to be ordered a month in advance to be on site for the shoot. as you can see, if only 5 come, im out almost 400.00 with targets sitting. this is why im trying to get 10 guys to come to these meets. it makes the pain less. so kick around ftf and see who else you can get to come. my loaner guns are now loaned out for the meet. i dont have any more. so, any more shooters coming will need to bring your own guns.
bring 10 boxes of shells.
as you can see, with the costs going to targets, the match and trophy is free.
this match is designed for beginners to get a feel for the sport on a budget. of course if you can shoot, come as well! but to ensure there are no ringers, the top score must shoot against me in the last event if they want to win; because, i shoot in proxy for last place. if i win, last place wins the match. so dont be scared away over a match. its a lot of fun.
so get out there in the ftf forums and send people this direction. use the old 1st annual thread for the list of names who thought about it last match but didnt come. ask them again!
lets see if we can get some more shooters this time!
this is where we will be shooting...

bobski 04-06-2013 01:33 PM

The Vanzant Clay Pigeon Farm of Vanzant, Mo.
will be hosting a corporate outing for
5 Oct or 19 Oct 2013
Bring 10 Boxes of Ammo. ANY GUN

Cost is 50.00

The Days Events Will Be:
12 Noon - Intro/Waivers/Gun Insp.
1pm Match Begins
Box 1 = 16yd ATA Trap
Box 2 = Skeet
Box 3 = International Skeet
Box 4 = Doc Adams
Box 5 = Poor Mans 5 Stand
Box 6 = Annie Oakley
Box 7-10 = Shooters Choice Under Lights


if i get enough interest, i'll open it up for sunday noon, 6 oct as well. but as it stands, 4 and 6 oct is our backup day. 18 and 20 for if it gets moved back to the 21st.

1. BALOTA...................paid.....ticket sent

1. OZARK777.................paid.....ticket sent
2. OZARK777BRO...........paid.....ticket sent
3. OZARK777WIFE..........paid....ticket sent
4. OZARK777BROSWIFE...paid....ticket sent
5. WINDSOFCHANGE.......paid....ticket sent


the steak house stays open till 10pm, so we'll have plenty of time for food and awards. steak house is closed on sundays.

bobski 04-06-2013 01:54 PM

as it stands, this is the list of those interested.....

balota....................payment sent
windsofchange.........payment sent

trip286 04-06-2013 03:02 PM

5th of October...
Plenty far enough in the future to plan ahead. I'm going to try to be there this time. I have no shotgun though, so, is there a rental fee for the loaner? This is also a situation I would like to fix though, and get my own (I need maybe a 20, 12's beat up my messed up shoulder too bad).

Payment info? Send a money order?

bobski 04-06-2013 04:27 PM

theres always plenty of free guns to use on match day.
pm me for a ticket now.

winds-of-change 04-06-2013 07:01 PM

Barring anything unforseen at work, I will be at this Shoot and Hoot. I've only shot a shotgun a couple times in my life. It hurt. I sucked at it. But I'm going to be a sport and see how well Bobski can teach me to shoot a shotgun. If he doesn't invite me to the next Shoot and Hoot, I'll understand. :cool:

winds-of-change 04-06-2013 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by bobski (Post 1205270)
theres always plenty of free guns to use on match day.
pm me for a ticket now.

Do you have any shotguns for really short people with a very short LOP? The perfect rifle size for me is a youth model rifle. Any full sized rifles are too big for me.

bobski 04-06-2013 07:28 PM

yes. i can bring my marlin 410 lever gun and a mossberg 183k 410. both are meant for smaller people.
what is your sleeve length?
my mossberg has a 13" lop and the bbl is only 24".

winds-of-change 04-06-2013 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by bobski (Post 1205435)
yes. i can bring my marlin 410 lever gun and a mossberg 183k 410. both are meant for smaller people.
what is your sleeve length?

I don't know. But my LOP as measured like this....

My LOP is 12".

bobski 04-09-2013 02:20 PM

so what? 1" wont make a difference. matter of fact, it may help. and since youve never shot a shotgun, you wont know until you try. always remember. if you dont like my free loaner, you can always buy a youth shotgun and bring it. but the only ones ive seen are either 12 or 20ga.
remember, shotguns arent precision shooting. be within 30" and youll hit it. heck, shoot under the armpit too!

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