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partdeux 03-21-2012 11:38 AM

MI Call to action request 3/21/12 (today only)
Copied from Michigan Open Carry call to action request… please call today (3/21/12) to ensure this moves through committee. Not only will we finally get away from the county to county rules, but even more importantly, solves the OC v CC pistol free zone issues.

Dear friends of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms:

This email is a call to action. I will be asking you to do two specific things. I know the latter item may be asking a lot for many of you; I wouldn't ask unless I thought it was THAT important. I believe this to be the biggest bill for the Right to Keep and Bear we will see this year in the legislature. Therefore I believe it may turn out to be the biggest fight. At times we may need to fight hard.

I must emphasize at this phase of the battle, we are dealing with friends. Keep that in mind as you correspond with them.

Many of you have asked for copies of the bill. Now I can give them to you. Keep in mind -- these are just drafts. We strongly believe these drafts will be presented before committee this Thursday (3/22). If you have concerns (things you think may need to be changed) about these drafts, please direct them to me ( I'll discuss your concerns with you and get action taken if needed and if possible.

SB59 Summary
SB59, Substitute 3, Draft 6

As you can see, these drafts contain the items I discussed in my email yesterday.

A Call for Action
Now is the time for all good men (and women) in Michigan to come to the Aid of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Find out how below.

ACTION #1 - Make calls or write emails
Calls are better, but emails work too. If you have time to call, then call. If you only have time to email, then email. We need to reach out to these people for the moment (more will come in the following days). We need to reach out to them tonight or tomorrow. If you're going to email -- then email NOW. If you're going to call, then start calling tomorrow morning (Wed, 3/21) at 9:00 AM and have your calls done no latter than 4:00 PM.

Senator Tom Casperson (Senate Natural Resources - Chair (Republican))
(517) 373-7840

Senator Phil Pavlov (Senate Natural Resources Majority (Republican) Vice-Chair)
(517) 373-7708

Senator Mike Kowall (Senate Natural Resources - Republican)
(517) 373-1758

Senator Arlan Meekhof
(517) 373-6920 (Senate Natural Resources - Republican)

If you don't know what to say, you can give this a try:

Hello, my name is (Insert your name) and I am a supporter of Michigan Open Carry, Inc. I just wanted to contact your office and thank the Senator for hearing SB59 in committee this coming Thursday. As you know, SB59 will enhance the rights of all citizens who are seeking or have a CPL. Please pass my thanks on to the Senator and let him know I look forward to the day this bill will be heard on the full floor of the Senate.


ACTION #2 - Show up for the committee meeting on Thursday
I know this is a HUGE thing to ask -- especially for those of you who live far away and/or have day jobs. Senator Green, the bill's sponsor, would love nothing better than to see the room packed wall to wall with pro-gun people. I can't guarantee the bill won't get pulled from the Agenda between now and Thursday -- if it does, I will send you another message. That being said, I strongly believe the bill will be heard -- but things in Lansing are flexible.

Here are the details of the meeting:

When: Thursday (March 22, 2012) @ 9:00 AM
Where: Farnum Building
Room 210
125 W. Allegan Street
Lansing, MI 48933

What you need to do: Show up and be supportive (which may involve nothing else than just showing up and sitting there). See Phillip Hofmeister upon arrival (black suit w/ white pinstripe, bald, early 30's). Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

The "short" description
If you aren't interested in details, you can stop reading here -- and I thank you for your time and taking action! Please know, I will be personally visiting the offices of these Santors tomorrow afternoon. When I arrive at each office I hope to find everyone in the office on the phone. For those of you who want a non-legalease summary, here it is:

PFZs are (nearly) a thing of the past
A licensee can currently carry openly in so-called PFZs such as schools and hospitals. This will simply allow them the freedom to put a jacket or other clothing over the firearm.

The substituted SB-59 creates a way for any Michigan Citizen to get an exemption from the so-called "Pistol Free Zones" (PFZs). Every person will have at least one of three avenues available to them to get an exemption to the PFZs currently listed in MCL 28.425o:
1.Any person who has a CPL can take an extra day of class resembling the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (Part 1) (Additional 94 rounds of live-fire required) (OR)
2.A person without a CPL can take Personal Protection Inside the Home (currently required for a CPL - Concealed Pistol License) PLUS Personal Protection Outside the Home (OR)
3.Any person who is certified to teach a CPL class....
SHALL be issued or re-issued a CPL that has the "PFZ Exemption" Box checked upon request. First time applicants and renewals still have to pay the $105 application fee. Persons with licenses that are still valid may be required to pay a small/nominal ($10ish) fee to have their licensed re-issued with the PFZ Exemption box checked. If you don't want an exemption and you want a CPL, you simply take the currently required course.

Gun Boards no more -- Harsh penalties for non-compliant counties
No other “shall issue” state in the nation uses a local gun board to issue CPLs, and instead issue through a single local or state agency. Under the new SB 59 the County Gun boards will be eliminated. In their place the resident County Sheriff will be the sole determiner of issuance or denial. Before you react more.

Currently, the way the Gun Board is structured board members can point the finger at one another saying "I voted 'no' because my vote wouldn't have mattered as the other two members were going to vote 'no'." Passing the buck ends with this bill. But what if I have an anti-gun Sheriff, you ask? Read more...

If your CPL is denied, you may bring action in Circuit Court. Once you prevail (for any reason), the County SHALL be ordered to pay your reasonable/customary attorney fees and court costs. Wait, it gets better...

If the Court finds that the denial of your CPL was "arbitrary and capricious" the County may be ordered to pay an additional $500 to you.

If, for whatever reason, you lose your court case, you will never be required to pay the County's legal fees (but they won't be required to pay yours in such a case either).

45 Days or it's free (plus a free temporary license)
The County Sheriff shall have 45 days from the date of your application to make a determination on your license. If they fail to approve or deny you within 45 days, a few things happen:
1.The County portion of your fee SHALL be refunded to you.
2.The clerk SHALL issue you a temporary license which will remain valid until the Sheriff acts on your application (approving or denying it).
CPLs SHALL be mailed directly to your home once issued
Gone are the days where you get a postcard in the mail instruction you to come to the County Clerk's office to pickup your CPL. Going forward the CPL SHALL be mailed directly to you. The County Clerk will also be required to send you notice 3-6 months prior to the expiration of your current CPL.

No more nickle and diming us
Although the law sets the CPL fee at $105, many counties “nickel-and-dime” applicants with extra mandatory fees for things like laminating and photos. The CPL fee will get you a CPL, like a driver’s license fee gets you a driver’s license out the door.

Counties will be required to accept a class certificate issued in the past 5 years
Right now certain counties have made arbitrary and unlawful policies stating they will not accept a first time application if the class certificate was issued more than a year ago. SB 59 would make a unified standard of 5 years for you to apply for your CPL after you get your class certificate. Renewals would not require a new certificate. If you accidentally let your CPL lapse, the will be a 5 year grace period (after the expiration of your CPL) where you will not be required to get new training and a new certificate.

Other Items
•A license suspension would be more clearly defined in statute, allowing for a uniform reinstatement process for licensees who obey the law during the suspension period.
•The Best Trained gun carrier in the nation - The basic training requirement for an initial CPL would be strengthened,increasing the required number of rounds fired from 30 to 98. This enhancement reflects the current training industry standard, but improves the quality of all training courses statewide.
•Local CPL fee revenue will be set aside in special funds to be used by the clerks and sheriffs for CPL processing rather than added to the County General Fund.
•County Clerks would continue their current role in the CPL process. Experienced staff and equipment used to handle CPLs will be kept in place.
•Applicants would be provided with a “Rights and Responsibilities” booklet that explains in plain language the CPL process, their rights, their responsibilities while carrying, and a compilation of firearms laws. Such a booklet will clear up confusion that exists about the CPL law and process, both for applicants and for counties complying with the act.

I wish to put out a heart-felt "thank you" to those of you who will be involved in the comin days in making calls and/or writing emails. You are the engine that is driving the restoration of our rights.

Phillip Hofmeister
Michigan Open Carry, Inc.

partdeux 03-22-2012 06:31 PM

YEA it passed through committee, on it's way to the full floor!
Passed 5-1, with one members vote not taken because the childish member walked out.

Bear304inc 03-22-2012 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by partdeux
YEA it passed through committee, on it's way to the full floor!
Passed 5-1, with one members vote not taken because the childish member walked out.

AWESOME JOB MICHIGAN!!!!! Although your fight is not over, your prop. has made it to the floor. Let me know if theres anything a supporter from Virginia can do to help. Keep it up, the 2nd amendment should cover every American....

partdeux 03-23-2012 12:07 AM

We've had a tough time in MI, especially the in-fighting amongst the firearm supporters. Even now, we have the group that says this should be turned down because it doesn't go far enough, and the opposite spectrum, the hunter crowd that doesn't support firearm carry. Luckily enough people turned out and made an impact on most of the committee members.

msup752 03-23-2012 11:46 AM

Hope it keeps going. I drive my child to school and we walk two blocks from the parking lot to her class room. That is a long ways to go to get it if it was really needed! Open carry is legal with a CPL but that would not be beneficial.

partdeux 03-23-2012 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by msup752 (Post 749227)
Hope it keeps going. I drive my child to school and we walk two blocks from the parking lot to her class room. That is a long ways to go to get it if it was really needed! Open carry is legal with a CPL but that would not be beneficial.

Make sure you call your state senator next week. Michigan Open Carry president will put out a call for action alert, so either sign up for the email or watch the MOC site. Lets keep this moving!

fupuk 11-30-2012 09:04 AM

Look up the SB59 now. One more step.

fupuk 11-30-2012 11:28 AM

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