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LONGHAIR 02-12-2012 08:35 PM
I've been watching old Vietnam footage on ..YOUTUBE..and just started watching Firefights in Afghanistan...Firefight at outpost Restrepo....U.S.Special Forces....What it's like to be attacked in Afghanistan...U.S.Navy Seals in Afghanistan-CBS 60 Minutes...and to many more to list....Some real eye-opening stuff to watch...I used to just watch music video's and stuff and now I've been watching all-across the board things...What do you watch on ...YOUTUBE...???...if anything...

LONGHAIR 02-12-2012 08:36 PM also very good....

texaswoodworker 02-12-2012 08:39 PM

If I want to see how something is done, or see a review first hand, I use Youtube. I also just use it to see stupid people in action, or listen to music that I'm too cheap to buy from itunes. :D

PS. Hickock-45 is awesome. :D

PanBaccha 02-13-2012 01:53 AM

Clint Smith and Hichock45 are good to watch. Then there is everything else from listening to Doo-wops to learning how to turn a screw. Amazing!

texaswoodworker 02-13-2012 03:02 AM


Originally Posted by PanBaccha (Post 706849)
learning how to turn a screw. Amazing!

Turning a screw? Didn't anyone ever tell you lefty loosy, righty tighty? :D:p

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