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dirtysouth 08-07-2008 07:11 AM

Your story
Working at a night club for my company one Friday evening it was bar close. People were comming out of the night club when a fight breaks out in the parking lot. 2 guards are on duty i was the only one armed.

Anyways we start to break up the fight i grab one of the guys and stuff him in his car. As i turn to help my partner with the other guy. 3 shots ring out in the air. I pull my gun swing around and see that the guy i just stuffed in his car has pulled a gun out.

I aim my 9mm s&w at him tell him not to move. Im facing him from the rear and out about 3 steps away from the drivers door. I quickly close the distance as im telling him to drop the gun.

He finally complys with my orders to drop the gun on the ground. I have him step out of the car and lay flat on the ground. I hook him up and detain him till the police arrive.

I have by this time secured the gun he had. Conducted a search of his car finding a sawed off shotgun and a 2 more hand guns in the trunk and some drugs.

Then i notice my partner is no were around. So when back up arrives as in more security. I go look for my partner who i had assumed would be keeping the crowd back. Hes gone no were at the club. So i finish my shift go back to the office to wright my reports. Guess whos there my partner. He tells me we was scared because he didnt have a gun and he didnt know we would be getting shot at. I punched him in the mouth told him he could of got me killed and not to come back the next day.

I got yelled at for punching him he got fired.

ScottG 08-07-2008 04:52 PM

Sorry to hear about your trouble and you were definitely in danger. But why wasn't your partner armed too? Did he not want to carry? I think I might consider letting your employer know that all the guards need to be armed, not just you.

dirtysouth 08-07-2008 05:59 PM

the guy was filling in for another armed guard. And didnt have a ccw to carry

dragunovsks 08-07-2008 09:29 PM

I went to the bar with a co-worker/friend in Louisville, KY. He said he knew of a good bar with lots of girls and good music. We took his car because we'd have spent all our beer money on gas if we took my truck and because he knew where his bar was. We got there in no time and walked in the door, got searched for weapons, paid the cover and went on in and got a couple Budweisers.

After about 2 hours, I talked him into going to another bar about 2 blocks to the east. He was reluctant but since there were only about 200 people in a huge bar built for almost 1500 he gave in. I told him we could walk the two blocks and save his $4 for a parking space. As we left the bar/nightclub we were approached by a black male that wanted money. I'm absolutely convinced that he was hanging out there because he knew anyone coming out of the bar was not armed in any way.

Anyway, he walked with us the entire two blocks and begging for money the whole way. Giving us this sob story about his baby mama being in another city and he can't afford a bus ticket to go see her. I noticed pretty early that he had his left hand in his hoody pocket and never took it out. This lead me to believe that he had a gun or knife or something, so I stuck close to his left side and a little behind him just in case he started something I could close the distance quickly and disarm him. About halfway to the bar my buddy did give him two dollars just for him to go away but he continued to follow us.

When we made a left turn to go south one block to the bar, he jumped in front of us and said why don't I just stab you both and take your money. I stepped up to him and looked him right in the eyes and said, *&%# you and then pushed him. I pushed him hard enough that he lost his balance and fell down on his back. As soon as he went down, I turned to my buddy, JD and said lets go. We only had a half a block to go, so we walked fast.

We told the security guards at the front entrance what happened and two of them ran that direction. They apperently didn't catch him cause when the bar closed, JD and I had to walk back to his car and we say the same guy pulling that same trick on a couple entering a parking garage.

DFENS 08-08-2008 05:34 AM

A wise old hermit once told me a bit of wisdom along these lines;
"If possible, walk away. If that's not possible, well, walk away before you block. Block before you strike back. Strike back before you break/maim. Break/maim before you take a life, because there's no return from that final step." - meaning, pretty much, do the least you have to do to get away. I've always tried to follow this, and it's led to not so many "I kicked so-and-so's butt" stories, but a few funny ones.

In high school, these two stoner guys were mad at me because I didn't put up with the bullcrap of the one guy's girlfriend (a dog in every sense of the word). The guys come up to me as I'm leaving the bathroom, blocking the door. I stop, look at them, and continue walking, going right between them as I leave the bathroom. Yeah, if they'd swung, I'd have been hit, but it didn't come to that.

Another story... my one real fight in life (hopefully my only one). Long story short, push came to shove and insults had been added to enough injuries and it was time to throw down. Guy came at me with a reeeeeeeaaaaaaally wide right hook. I ducked under while leading in with my right fist speed-bagging him in the cheek while ducking under his punch; stepped through, bringing my elbow around and again hitting him in the cheek; he'd been somewhat charging/stumbling at me, so I helped him along by pushing him into a counter, which he promptly bounced off of, tripping to the floor; I landed on top of him, pinning his shoulders down and nailing him right on the chin, expecting him to pass out - but he didn't, so I did a second, then a third punch.

This is when I realized that the person had apparently had enough of a combination of alcohol and a few prescription drugs that, well, he was outside of the realm of normal human conditions (if the chin is hit squarely so that the jaw smashes against the cheekbones, it can cause a quick KO). So, while I waited on the cops to get there (after making sure he'd calmed down enough so that I'd not have to worry about a repeat) I helped him up and got a washrag for him to clean his bloody chin with.

I'm somewhat paranoid when it comes to self-defence situations... anytime I'm feeling nervous about such happening, my head plays out scenarios in a "if this happens, then I can do this.." manner. It kinda bothers me... but it's kept me outta trouble so hey :D

RL357Mag 08-09-2008 02:35 AM

Ever since I stopped drinking and hanging out in bars I don't have these problems anymore....I don't have my "bar-friends" anymore either, but that's just another benefit!

cpttango30 08-09-2008 03:10 AM

Man I never had a fight in a bar. Never I dunno we were so dam drunk all the time we might have had one and i just don't remember it LOL.... I mean there were night that I woke up next to a women I had no freekin clue who she was some were smokin hot some were well not that hot..... I was more worried about catching a lady than I ever was worried about fighting.

dragunovsks 08-09-2008 03:22 AM

Speaking of bar-fights, I live about 2 miles from this bar/tavern that I heard is pretty rough. I went there one night with another friend cause he said they have a live band on Friday and Saturday nights. Anyways the bar has this nickname cause it can be so rough. Ever seen Roadhouse, this bar isn't quite that bad but I've heard stories and have been told that there are still bulletholes in several walls. The nickname of this bar is the "Mauckport Gun and Knife Show", I need not explain.

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