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How about Lincoln Logs and the toy fort with the Soldiers, Cowboys and Indians. And all kinds of toy guns and TimeBomb.

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Davyboy may know of these, but I loved my collection of Dinkey Toys army vehicles. They were made in Britain.

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Star wars and G.I.Joe action figures I know there are still some buried in the sand box. As for the Atari and nintendo were only for REALY rainy days.

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My BMX bike was by far the best toy I ever had...

G.I Joe action figures... at some point I had around 50-60 of them, and of course I had every kind of vehicles, boats, aircrafts...

Rambo action figures... I only had 10 to 15 of them...

and tons and tons of LEGOs... with the legos I build stuff for the G.I Joes and Rambo

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Deader Bears=Better Bears
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I LOVED the metal loader Tonka toy i had. In retrospect, there were some sharp edges to keep Darwin's theory going.

I also really liked this musket i got for my 4th birthday that used odd-looking paper roll caps to propel a cork ball out the barrel. The muzzle speed was probably in the inches/second rather than feet/second, but it was awesomely fun while the cork balls lasted.

The Bear brand bow i had with the "safety" arrows would probably get a parent into a sit-down with child protective services nowadays, but it kept me occupied for months.

Re Lawn Darts: 1st, those in BB's pic look funny, like the plastic veins/fletching is too translucent or flimsy-looking. 2nd, my dog took one to the noggin from at least 20 feet up with no visible damage (yes i got her a tasty treat to keep her from telling).

Overall, though, the woods at the end of the block provided the most entertainment with fort building & war games & such.


Dead Bears, the only good kind.

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Oh I had the tonka dump dozer crane loader and bucket loader.

I painted my dump green and shot it with my bb gun and said it had seen combat. I would put my knees in the bed of that thing and ride it down the hill in the back yard all the time. It was beat up rusty but it still worked and rolled like it was new.

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Originally Posted by lonyaeger View Post
Davyboy may know of these, but I loved my collection of Dinkey Toys army vehicles. They were made in Britain.
Yes Dinkey toys now that brings more forgottem memories.

And tonka toys Tango I shot mine as well with a .410 shotty when I was 12.
Mom took my gun away for a month.

Its amazing how many forgotten childhood moments these toys can restore.
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Thunderjet 500 HO racing cars...Roy Rogers six guns and gunbelt, and Roy Rogers guitar (I still have the guitar).

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Daisy Powerline 880 BB gun, Old metal Tonka construction toys, and my HO gauge "Life-Like" electric trains and O gauge Lionel trains.

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I built so many spaceships, toy guns, and army bases its a wonder I ever got laid

Originally Posted by spittinfire View Post
I think you're the only one putting miracle grow on your cat's tail.
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