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Your Campaigning Platform: What would it be?

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Originally Posted by Benning Boy View Post

Pull your f*****g pants up, or I'll kick you off a cliff. You won't be able to kick back, your pants will bind your legs.
Not to mention they can't run away.
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If elected I promise to do Nothing. I don't want to run your life, I just want a job that pays $162 K per year for the rest of my life plus benefits. I will retire as soon as I'm eligible for said fat retirement. And as far as doing nothing, heck I won't even bother to go to Washington. I'll just stay home and cash the checks.
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People are sick and tired of paying high taxes and having their money disappear without getting anything in return or ever knowing where it went.
I am campaigning on the Honesty First Platform.
I will be stealing your money, you will still get nothing in return......but at least you will know where it went!
Honesty 2010
Hellfire, Doom, Watch the hatred spin
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I promise, if I am elected:
-A woman can never get mad at a man for leaving the toilet seat up, because after all we put it up in the first place because we respect you ,and would rather not pee on the seat and have you sit in it!
Once we get this straightened out, I promise there will be no more wars, the economy will rebound, and the world will live in peace and harmony!
I am Gordo323
And I approve this message
I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.
-Ayn Rand
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Originally Posted by spittinfire View Post
He's a hack and always has been. The Tuttle's were worse. I imagine Tango will kick him in the junk for cheating on the highest paid actress in hollywood.
Man spitty you know me so well.

We were watching he lattest episode of I hate my father and my father hates me (AKA AMERICAN CHOPPER).

When I started surfing the net looking at custom choppers. I don't know about anyone here but OCC is so far behind just about any custom chopper maker out there. If you think they are cutting edge then do google search for custom choppers and look at what some of the others are doing. When was the last time you sen something this original come out of OCC? HUUU NEVER because they take stock tanks and fenders and cut them up. That is not custom to me. Hell I can order $50k of parts from al these other chopper builders and bolt one together then find a great painter pay him $10k and end up with an OCC bike.

Your Campaigning Platform:  What would it be? - The Club House

Now back on topic.

I will secure the southern border annexing 4 miles of mexico into the USA I will then use that 4 miles (4 miles deep from Pacific to the gulf) as a Neutral zone if they enter it that is war and we will kill you as dead as pelocie's woo woo. I will push for a 4 day work week that means you will need to work 10 hours days. but you get 3 days off. I will also push for no work at all on sunday sunday is his day keep it that way. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND GONE. I am sorry but I want out of iraq and afgan in 8 months If I need to send ever swinging stick over there to kill them all then I will after that Iraq you better be read cause I'm out. I would get rid of any unneeded agencies like DHS really last time I looked DHS has no TANKS or FIGHTERS? How are they protecting us? THEY AREN'T so they are gone. Also gone is the BATF it is no longer an agency I am converting it to a nation wide chain of retail locations called "The MAN Store". NSA, DEA, FBI will be combined into one agency. All agency's will share all info on all fronts THAT MEANS YOU CIA. If I find out that your unit didn't share info I will kick you in the junk and fire you. Oh IRS your staff is cut in half. You are not going to need all them idiots when I redo the tax laws. NO MORE INCOME TAX. A 5% across the board sales tax that is it on ever thing from Apples to Widgets. If it can be sold on tv, internet, or in the store it gets the tax. Rich people buy more stuff than poor people so they get taxed more. Health care is your business not mine or anyone elses. If you can't afford coverage then we will offer you free care for any child under 18. As an adult if you don't have health care TOUGH Go get a job that has it. Pork barrel spending your done. If it doesn't help run the government or make the country a better place it is cut. Congress if you don't have a balanced budget you don't get paid and you don't go home or leave the senate chambers till it is balanced I don't care if your kid has soccer or cricket you have to work you have a deadline.

If your company got a bail out from Mr. Obama. You have 9 weeks to pay it back. If you can't pay it back your company will be seized and sold at auction. to the highest bidder.

Kim jonj ill (Or what ever your name is little man). I coming to see you and I am going to kick your junk till it turns black and falls off. Your a DOUCHE and thats it. Europe Sorry DOUCHE BAGS we are pulling out of NATO and the UN. you can take your rule the world ors and go piss up a dang rope.

Any person in the military that served in combat (That means getting shot at no being in country back in the rear with the gear). You get FREE college at any college you get into. If they refuse call this hotline 1800-junk-kik and Mr. President will straighten their asses out.

That is all for now. I got to go to work.
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My platform:

Stupidity will now be a capital offense.

Personal responsibility is now mandatory. It will never be anyone else's fault why you did or did not do something.

All citizens will be required to be self sufficient. Welfare will be reserved only for those physically unable to work due to injury or physical handicaps. Free job training will be available for 12 months (only) after I am elected. After that - no more free handouts.

Socialism and communism will be illegal. Persons found guilty of promoting socialist or communist views will be deported to Cuba.

There will be freaking fence at the Mexican border. A real fence with guard towers. There will be a 1/2 mile wide "free-fire" zone on our side of the fence. A lottery system will be put in place to allow qualified citizens to patrol on our side of the free fire zone with a no-limit hunting permit.

Illegal aliens will be accounted for. They will be given an opportunity to apply for a non-renewable 5 year work visa. Illegal aliens with any other criminal history will be deported.

The IRS will be abolished. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will pay a flat 10% tax on all income of any kind. There will then be no sales or property taxes.

The school systems will be turned over to, staffed by, and operated by the the United States Marine Corps.

I wil tell you the rest of my platform after I am elected. But you should get the general idea.
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