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You are witnessing a sever beating next door, what do you do?

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Originally Posted by Ineffable View Post
you NEVER touch another man's children.
Quote for Mutha Effing Truth!

You seen Taken?

I give you this as an answer to your question:

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Originally Posted by Megaton View Post
How would you handle the situation, given that almost everyone has said they would attempt to stop the beating?

There are 5 attackers, and when you present your weapon and attempt to make them stop, they laugh at you and continue beating the guy. Do you shoot one of the guys who is actively participating in the beating at that moment, or do you shoot the guy who is watching you, waiting to see if there is bite behind your bark?

Do you just keep shooting people until the beating has stopped? Do you attempt to hold the attackers until police arrive or do you let them flee and try to observe them closely to give a description to the police?

Remember, if the attackers get away and don't get caught by the police, they know where you and your family live. You have put your entire family at risk. Are you willing to put your entire family on the line?

Most of the people who responded make it seem like such a cut and dry issue. If its really that cut and dry, then are you saying you are willing to put your families lives on the line to save a complete stranger?

I agree with everyone, and most likely I would help because I am that type of person. I just can't help but play the devils advocate on this issue for the sake of discussion. When it comes to morals, its never cut and dry. There is always going to be a grey area.
If the five guys are beatring the person and they don't stop when a firearm is pointed at them is highly doubtful BUT if they continued I would shoot the person that is inflicting injury I believe is most life threatening first and expect the rest would get the point. It's highly doubtful guys with tire irons would challenge a person with a gun and if they did taking down the highest threat will make the rest stop there attack. As for holding them onsite, I would tell them to lay flat but if they run they get away as my goal was to stop the attack. As I said before putting your life on the line for a stranger is what you would hope for if one of your family members were being attack, a stranger to step in and help them, so it's what you should do. It is black and white when it come to this issue.
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Default Hmmmm.....

Wow! It is really cut and dried with some of you guys. I'm thinking it would probably go more like this ---

Step 1: Call 911.
Step 2: Get on and look for a job in another city.
Step 3: Argue with spouse over why we still live in a city full of tire-iron weilding thugs.
Step 4: Go to,, etc., and look for a job in another city.
Step 5: Dig out lease and see if there is a "tire iron weilding thugs" clause.
Step 6: Look out the window. See if we can record action on video.
Step 7: Call 911 again.
Step 8: Call 401K company and see if I even have $7500 in their to retain a good defense attorney.
Step 9: Get gun and load it.
Step 10: Argue with spouse about whether I should take on a pack of "tire iron weilding thugs."
Step 11: See if TruTV will pay for video of "tire iron weilding thugs."
Step 12: Call the courtesy officer and the rental office.
Step 13: Call 911 again.
Step 14: Go to and post about violence in the community.
Step 15: Check and see if a 9mm is good for taking out "tire iron weilding thugs."
Step 16: Open window and listen for sirens.
Step 17: Take gun and walk dog to see if that dude is still getting beat.
Step 18: Verify nationality of beat-down dude.
Step 19: If H1B visitor, illegal alien, or pedophile return home, close blinds.
Step 20: If actually pretty blonde woman getting beat, come home and give gun to wife so she can decide to help her out and I don't get in trouble for paying attention to pretty blondes.
Step 21: Aim gun at thugs and tell them to stop.
Step 22: Shoot tire irons out of their hands with SW9VE. (It's easy if you have good trigger control.)
Step 23: Talk to police.
Step 24: Find out that I'm gonna get sued or arrested.
Step 25: Take last damn dime out of 401K for lawyer.
Step 26: Move in with inlaws.
Step 27: Find out that I hired a bad lawyer.
Step 28: Go to jail.
Step 29: Go to prison.
Step 30: Learn to make a shank.

On a serious note: I'd intervene. Tire irons justify deadly force.

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I dont know about laws but i would grab my 1911 and go outside. If just the presence of my firearm doesnt stop the incident, somebody is taking one in the knee...
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