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Samhain 03-11-2008 07:30 PM

are you kidding me.....
Picture & video -->,2933,336750,00.html

A town in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a 'creepy gnome' that locals claim stalks the streets at night, The Sun reports.

The little person — who wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk — was caught on video last week by a terrified group of youngsters.

Teenager Jose Alvarez — who filmed the gnome — yesterday told national newspaper El Tribuno that they caught the creature while larking about in their hometown of General Guemes, in the province of Salta, Argentina.

He said: “We were chatting about our last fishing trip. It was one in the morning. I began to film a bit with my mobile phone while the others were chatting and joking. Suddenly we heard something — a weird noise as if someone was throwing stones."

"We looked to one side and saw that the grass was moving. To begin with we thought it was a dog but when we saw this gnome-like figure begin to emerge we were really afraid."

Alvarez added that other locals had come forward to say they had spotted the gnome.

He said: “This is no joke. We are still afraid to go out — just like everyone else in the neighborhood now."

"One of my friends was so scared after seeing that thing that we had to take him to the hospital,” Alvarez said.

MarkoPo 03-11-2008 07:37 PM

Burn it's house down.....

bkt 03-11-2008 08:02 PM

Paging Agents Mulder and Scully....

(This is probably just a Travelocity commercial gone terribly wrong.)

fapprez 03-11-2008 10:16 PM

The Hobbit is probably just returning home from a chupacabra hunting trip he took with bigfoot. I say leave him be.

hillbilly68 03-12-2008 11:07 AM

OMG that is so funny. Good thing the pranksters didn't try it in the US ('specially down souf). Hear it is open season on gnomes.

GlenJohnson 03-12-2008 11:24 AM


bkt - (This is probably just a Travelocity commercial gone terribly wrong.)
Anybody seen the latest commercial where the gnome is floating down the river and goes over the huge falls? That's him when he get's out of the water. :D

Chance_P 03-12-2008 10:09 PM

Are you guys blind? That is clearly the Leprechaun from Alabama that was first sighted around this time a few years ago, seems he has come up with a clever disguise. :D

Righteous 03-12-2008 10:17 PM

WowoHooo a gnome ....Target Pratice is on !!!!

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