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Jedi Knight 04-30-2009 11:49 PM

Writer criticizes Jewish, Protestant support for violent 3rd world immigration

It used to be said that the Episcopal Church was the Republican Party at prayer. But study the website of the Episcopal Church and you’ll see that this should be updated: "The Episcopal Church is the Far Left at prayer."

Except for the God talk, these religious denominations are near clones of the ACLU, Center for American Progress, or Name the political issue and these politicized churches have a position on it and a lobbying effort nearly always identical to that of the Far Left. They have a fanatical adherence to this radical political agenda and the zeal to spread the Revealed Word through political activism.

Increased enforcement? Nope, God’s against it. More Border Patrol officers? No; that’s against the will of God. A fence? No, God is opposed to walls. Denying to any illegal alien benefits such as access to jobs, housing etc.? No; the word from God is that this is wrong.

And they have it on good authority that God favors amnesty for all.

Until a few decades ago such a large percentage of Americans were members of these "mainline" denominations that their numbers made these churches an influential part of American life.

But those days are long gone. As radicals such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ assumed leadership positions and pushed the churches far to the left, membership fell drastically....
Full article: 04/29/09 - Know Thine Enemy: The “Collaborators” Of The Religious Left

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