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The World's Most Interesting Thread

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JD's example reminded me of the following food.

The South Korean banchan known as Kimchi. (gimchi, kimchee, or kim chee)

I tried some on a dare from a Korean worker of mine. I think we all thought this was going to be a good laugh for everyone.

When he removed the lid from the ball jar, it popped like a cheap champagne bottle and bubbled as I peered into the rusty looking mess.

With great trepidation, I sampled the offering and was pleasantly surprised. It was one of those 'new" experiences that require no time to acquire a taste. (for me)

That was many years ago and with Kimchi available in many grocery stores, it has become a staple in my diet. It is however, one food that I can count on to be in the refrigerator. I'm the only one that eats Kimchi in my house.

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Sadly BB, at my age my "firsts" are all in the past. About the only first I'm looking forward to now is holding my first grandchild - and there's none on the horizon at the moment...
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I tried Ethiopian food at a nice little restaurant in Memphis; the people were very nice and did not seem local at all. They had something that resembled turnip greens but was hot enough to boil the paint off a car. Overall, the food was tasty and colorful. Of course, i didn't try any of the meat dishes, but they didn't look bad, and my friends seemed to like them.
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I'm all about trying something new, especially food wise.

My most recent new one was about a month ago. A friend gave me 2 pheasants (I have never hunted pheasant, so I really never came across any) and I put them in the rotisserie sprinkled in olive oil and a rosemary dry rub. It was great. I had enough for dinner and a coule of paninis the next day. My young son loved it as well.

I've eaten most of the big game in North America. Not sure if Muskox is edible, and I don't think I want to find out. I've also eaten plenty of varmints including squirrel, ground hog, and beaver.

When I was in Europe, I took the opportunity to try new things when I could. I can honestly say that I like snails, goose liver pate and good caviar. I am somewhat certain that I even had horse there because that steak tartar was not beef flavored.
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I've done the kaegogi purely by mistake.

Frog legs were so-so.

Gator is excellent.

Anybody seen these James Bond vacations?
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One can stay at Goldeneye, Ian Flemings home in Jamaica, for $2500 a night.

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Well since JD started the list........

pretty much every fish you can catch in North America and South America
Pacu (fish)
Capybara (big aquatic guinea pig)
monkey (various kinds)
beaver (the 4 legged animal and 2 )
frogs and other amphibians
lizards of various species
snakes of various kinds
Insects and grubs of various kinds (cooked and raw)
eggs of various species of birds
birds of various species including crow

I know I left something out, especially some exotics, but that's all I can think of now....hell now I'm hungry!



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Originally Posted by Benning Boy View Post

Anybody seen these James Bond vacations?
Yeah, we checked out the hotel Bond stayed at in Casino Royale. Some absolutely gorgeous private hotel chain that is like $8500/night for the "only have a villa left" that Bond stays in.

Hit that site and check out Bahamas and the Villas. It will make you realize why James has a Black American Express Card.
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I remember the first time I rode in a helicopter. I went to work with my dad one day over the summer in CA. He was working the feather river canyon. If you don't know what it is Here Feather River Canyon, Plumas County Northern California

This is a canyon that was cut by the feather river. Some yahoo thought it was a good idea to build a road in it as well. If you are ever in the area it is a must see ride bring a camera and plenty of extra Media cards.

So we get to up at what must have been 3 in the morning and headed off to Oroville (Said Or a ville) (Home of RCBS too). We get to the PG&E yard and all the guys on my dad's crew are getting there getting the trucks nad gear ready when all of a sudden it sounds like a chopper is right over our heads the trailer is shaking dust flying sure enough he was landing in the yard.

The guys get all loaded up and we head out with chopper following us in the air. About 1 hour later we are on sight. I had never seen a dirt road like this it was bumpy I am talking hill climb rock crawler bumpy but the Pierce 4x4 line truck and my dads FordF-150 made the trek. Then the chopper lands and they hook up a rope to haul polls first he takes my dad and I up to where we are going to be working. It is cool flying through the feather river canyon in a Bell Super 204 with the doors off. First if you have never been in a chopper before DON'T stick your hands out the doors. This guy was an amazing pilot just amazing. We land look around and then go back to the rest of the crew. Two guys are already making the 1/2 mile hike up the hill because they will not fly.

He tells everyone that if something goes wrong don't run stay put he will make sure nothing hits anyone. So they hook him up and off he goes to get the first 100' poll for the 95' 2 poll structures we were replacing that day. All goes well and he is flying in polls like a mad man.

The end of the day comes and a storm is starting to move in and there is a weather warning for the canyon for high winds. So right as it starts to rain like no ones business. He lands and says there is no way the line truck is making it down the hill just leave it there. So there is pilot, Myself, my dad and 4 linemen and gear on the chopper. Now these guys were not that small one guy could crush a slow pitch softball out of candle stick park on a bad day. Another one could eat a big apple in 2 bites. The Chopper was right at it's max load the pilot turns and tells the guys to buckle up we are going for a ride. Now two guys HATE to fly and didn't want anything to do with a chopper. He gives her the power and gets it to hover about 3' off the ground (just enough to clear the brush) he then moves sideways towards the cliff and then it happens.

This crazy pilot dove the chopper off the side of the cliff and has us headed right for the water I would swear on a grave we were vertical. Then just as it looks like we are going to crash he flip the controls and bang we are flying level. 3 guys are green two of which were the guys that didn't want to fly were looking real bad. We get to the truck and he drops off the two guys at my dads truck and the rest of us fly back to the yard.

One guy asked the guy where he learned to fly like that. He says "When them gooks are shooting at ya you figure out just what a chopper can do. He was a drafted chopper pilot in Viet Nam. IF you ever see the heliloggin on Ax Men this guy made that guy on there look like a wet behind the ear rookie.

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Cool story. 'Nam chopper pilots had big brass ones.

BTW, I drove through the Feather River Canyon, two weekends ago to the retreat I attend on the West shore of Lake Almanor. I generally make the trip twice a year.

Trust and believe, what Tango says is true. The Feather River Canyon is absolutely beautiful.
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