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bobski 05-03-2013 04:23 PM

world famous bobski mystery thing, pic #251
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huge springs.....but what for?

boatme98 05-03-2013 05:38 PM

Jolly green giants clothespin.
The wood has obviously long since decayed.

danf_fl 05-03-2013 06:02 PM

Seat springs for bicycle or motorcycle?

notdku 05-03-2013 06:31 PM

Industrial sized mouse trap?

rurak 05-03-2013 08:27 PM

Looks like a spring for a large rodent trap. Rats maybe or even larger ..... my father has a trap with that same spring on it. The wood part is probably two feet long by one foot wide.

bobski 05-04-2013 12:14 AM

remember, dad was a carpenter.
so im going to guess something to do with a gate?

MOshooter 05-04-2013 12:24 AM

I've seen these I just can't remember where? or what they are?

dango 05-04-2013 01:03 AM

I agree Bobski , an assist for a heavy door..! Horizontal lifting up..?

bobski 05-04-2013 01:29 AM

in order to put it to rest, if anyone can find a pic of one in use.....thatll settle any doubts.

bobski 05-04-2013 06:58 PM

have we stumped the chumps?

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