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Why are men shamed about preferring young women

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It all depends on what the two get out of the relationship. If all the guy wants is a young 20 year old and all she wants is a new car and new shoes when she wants, whats the problem? They both got what they wanted, right?

It might not be the best thing to base a relationship off of but who's to blame them.
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Intimacy is the goal in most relationships. Intimacy in a woman starts in her head, while intimacy in a man starts in his pants. So to achieve the goal, we must start in different areas and proceed towards the goal.
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I'm 55 and the ole lady is 40...been together 10 years now. Honestly don't know how she's put up with me this long.
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Never would i consider chasing a girl in the sub 30 range. The majority of em like most young people dont have enough life experience to carry on a conversation for more than 10 minutes.
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The young ones can be pretty ....STUPID......
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Originally Posted by winds-of-change View Post
I am quite surprised at the content of this thread. I am an "older woman" and though I am not as physically attractive as I was 30 years ago, I have wisdom and I am grounded.
Don't be offended; just realize that there are a lot of guys who never really "grew up". Some of choose to ignore our wisdom and constantly hop to try to avoid feeling grounded. We need to be dating younger, because we annoy the bejesus out of women our age.

It's all the fault of girls maturing faster than boys in our younger days; the girls who had sense enough to wait up on that whole "maturity" thing are the ones chasing the younger men now (cougars).
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Any mathematician will tell you that 21 goes into 42 but 50 doesn't go into 19...I'm just sayin'
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Originally Posted by Jpyle View Post
Any mathematician will tell you that 21 goes into 42 but 50 doesn't go into 19...I'm just sayin'
I work at a major university, there are, starting next week, over 20,000 women age about 17 to 25 on campus. (some of these gals are show-stoppers, I assure you) I wouldn't swap any of them for my wife of 40 years.

If we allow ourselves, we become slaves to our DNA's demands. It all started long ago........

The strategy DNA uses to make sure it is replicated works on two different paths for men and women.

With men, there is a hard wired desire to mate with every woman possible. That way their DNA has the best chance of survival. It matters very little whether we stick around to raise our children; we tend to play the numbers game. Also, younger, child bearing age women, are more likely to continue our DNA than older women.

With women, the most successful strategy is to select a partner who will be there help her through the late term pregnancy and child rearing years when she is not as able to gather enough roots and berries to survive on her own, and still take care of the child (The DNA container). That is why women are generally more picky about partners than men are.

Its kinda like the difference in involved and committed. The difference in the two is like a bacon and egg breakfast; in a bacon and egg breakfast the chicken is involved, the pig is committed. Men are involved, women committed.

The neat thing about civilization is we learn to step outside of our animal dives.... Well some of us do.
"It is not so much staying alive, it is staying human that is important."

George Orwell
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When one gets older there is something he sees
that he missed when younger. It appears a man
gets older and his sense of the aesthetics heightens,
and the simpliest of things, as in a woman brushing
back her hair with the back of her hand, is amplified.
Maybe our perception and the expanse of consciousness
grow sharper with the years.
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Originally Posted by Gojubrian View Post
So when my wife turns 40 I can repla.................. nevermind. I didn't think that!

I love my wife and am lucky to have her.
I told my wife, "When you turn 40, I'm trading you in for two 20 yr olds."

She told me, "Baby, I know you, and you're not wired for '220'!"
-=Jerry A. Goodson=-

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