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why do you like/use guns?

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Originally Posted by towboater View Post
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In my early life, from birth to HS graduation, I was the son of a soldier. An Army Brat. My dad was a WW2 combat vet who decided to stay in the Army and make a career of it. Some of my earliest memories are those when dad went off to fight in Korea. I only later learned that he had some pretty horrible experiences in both Europe (WW2) and Korea that left internal marks on him. What we now know as PTSD, but in those days it was; "suck it up and deal with it."

When Dad came home from Korea, I was the proud owner of a "cork gun." It was air powered and shot a cork from the muzzle. Dad freaked out and broke it because of his war experiences.

Years later, while we were in stationed in Hawaii (before statehood) an Army friend of my Dad gave me a JC Higgins (Sears), bolt action .22 rifle for my 13th birthday. Oahu had a serious mongoose problem at the time, for which there was an open season. Between mongoose and rats at the land-fill, my friends and I got in a lot of trigger time. Dad insisted, as only a First Sergeant can do, that I participate in the Jr. NRA Marksmanship program.

We next moved to Ft. Ord Calif., where base regulations would not allow the kind of shooting we had in Hawaii, and no NRA program was available. The rifle went into the closet where it remained until I went into the Navy in 1965. I gave it to my kid brother when I left for boot camp.

In the Navy, my MOS was Aviation Ordnance, basically an "aviation gunner's mate." After training I was stationed at NAS Miramar in San Diego, where after two short years, I reached the exalted rank of E-5, while working in the Operations Department, Weapons Division. My division commander needed an E-5 to fill a vacancy as the base range master. Guns were to become my destiny. I was given the keys to the armory and the ammo locker.

Until that time, I had not had any real experience with military small-arms, beyond the pathetic qualification in Navy boot camp. Much to my pleasure, I soon discovered that every day the base pistol team went to the range for practice. On the team were several senior chief petty officers and officers, including the base commanding officer. I needed someone to teach me how to shoot and they were very accommodating. I later wound up shooting on the team, using customized 1911a1's and Colt Woodsman .22 pistols. “My” range was also used by the Marine Corps' Small Arms Training Unit, which developed and tested small arms for use in Vietnam by special ops teams. (Probably still classified, so don’t ask.) I was literally a kid in a candy store, and got paid for it as well.

Fast forward a couple of years and it was time to leave the Navy, or reenlist. I had lined up a job with an airline in the meantime, and chose to get out while the getting was good (1969). The Navy promised me any duty assignment I wanted (as long as it was in Vietnam) but by that time we had figured out there was something rotten in SE Asia. I worked for the airline for a couple of years until I was hired as a police officer, which seemed like something I wanted to try. That was in 1971, near San Diego, when I first became aware of carrying concealed handguns. Although restricted to S&W mod. 19, .357 magnums for on duty, off duty I carried my beloved 1911. I learned early on that full size pistols can in fact be concealed very easily.

Some years later, having migrated to a police department near Portland Oregon, I was still involved in firearms training and instruction, but only insofar as duty weapons were concerned. I went through several off-duty guns, but never really gave them much thought as long as I was able to qualify with them. Then came the election of Bill Clinton to the presidency and he began talking about banning “assault weapons.” I figured out that if I wanted one, I had better get one while it was still legal to do so. On the list of “permissible” rifles at the time, was the Mini-14. Because AR’s were going to be banned, I bought a Mini-14. It was also about that time I became curious about rifles, and how my life was affected by the Second Amendment. My police experience, especially investigating murders, taught me that the police could not be depended on to protect anyone. I realized that citizens are truly on their own for self defense. My eyes were opened and I became a life member of the NRA and active in protecting our precious rights.

With the approach of the dreaded “Y-2-K” in 1999 (remember those fun-filled days?), I began thinking about guns and survival. I next bought a Marlin .30-30 lever gun, followed by a Mossberg 500 shotgun. In case I had to forage in the mountains to feed my family when society collapsed, I bought a Remington mod. 700, for a deer rifle. After the “Y-2-K” thing fizzled, I kind of went on with life, and began thinking about retirement from police work. I did so, in June 2001.

I managed to worm my way into Leupold (the rifle scope folks) which was near my home. While there, I befriended some of the engineers and service techs, who were (are) also world class shooters. That lasted about 5 years, until I landed my present position with the City of Portland, as an executive protection agent in the Mayor’s Office. Over 30 years as a cop and the last 5 as a “civilian contractor,” I became very much involved in carrying concealed firearms for a living. At this point it is as natural for me to strap on a hog-leg as it is to breathe. At any given time of day or night, in any set of circumstances imaginable, I can be presumed to be armed. One exception is when my wife and I go on cruises. Last week we were on our ninth cruise, and so far have gone ½ way around the world, one cruise at a time. Cruise ships and some foreign countries frown on civilian gun possession, so for those events, we become well trained sheep.

I have amassed a modest collection of rifles, shotguns and handguns, and adequate supporting equipment and ammunition in the event of a societal breakdown. (SHTF) My wife and my son have carry permits and we are all active shooters. Because of my retired LEO status, I am certified for nationwide concealed carry under HR-218 / LEOSA. We live in the country and in 3 weeks, I will be retiring again, as I turn 65 and begin drawing my “socialist entitlement benefits.” I plan to stay on with the Mayor only one day a week, just to keep my hand in and stay connected, but otherwise I plan on a lot of shooting and enjoying life, while at the same time keeping a close eye on the present, temporary, occupant of the White House.

Wow, that was much longer than I intended. If you made it this far, I thank you. If not, I don’t blame you.
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That was a much better story then mine.

I too benefitted from a WW2 vet. My buddy's Dad returned from Europe with a German Luger, infantryman' rifle, and a 1911. He claimed they were all battlefield pick ups, and their previous owners had no further use for them.

He introduced a lot of us kids into shooting when we were young teens in the early 60s.

My parents did not own guns, and were not interested in me owning anything more then a BB gun, or the CO2 pellet gun I acquired at 16. When I was 18 I got a bolt action, single shot 22 from a Western Auto for about $25. I hid that in a closet.

When I got married, my wife was not too enthused with the 22. I had it a couple of more years, and sold it, for more then I paid for it, and bought a pair of hockey gloves that I needed.

I continued to shoot with friends, but did not buy another gun for a long time.

About three years ago my daughter was having troubles with a stalking ex-boyfriend. As she went for an injunction, her attorney suggested arming her. We got her a carry permit in Florida and I bought her a snubbie S&W 38.

I then used that to convince my wife that we needed one. So I bought a Ruger 9 mm. The daughter liked that, so I bought her one, and got my snubbie back.

I shoot fairly regularly and carry most of the time. I now have my eye on a colt single action as my next purchase. The wife is now good with it, and even shoots with me now and again. My daughter and I are even working on her for a carry permit. I have my eye on a nice 380 to get her to carry.

Now we will see where this goes.
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I just have always been around them my whole life. Same as my boys. We all have been taught not to fear them but to respect them. Like I have explained to my boys if they are over at a friends house and they find a gun for whatever reason tell a adult. If my boys want to shoot it come back home and tell me. We have most of the major calb. of guns and if we don't one or two phone calls and I'm sure I can get one to borrow for a weekend. I would rather my boys not to be afraid of them but know and understand the potential power a gun holds so they don't run around playing cops and robbers with a loaded gun they found at somebody house.
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I can't really put my finger on exactly why I like guns... there are many reasons.

Always been fascinated by anything mechanical. I also enjoy the challenge of being able to hit a target at various distances. I love the feeling of security that I get knowing my gun gives me a better chance of defending myself or my family if confronted with a dangerous person or animal.

I use my guns for home defense, CCW and recreational shooting.

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Originally Posted by TAT2TOMMY View Post
what got you in to guns? how long have you been into them? what do you use them for? are you using them for hunting, protection, target shooting, competition, job, or collecting? me personally ive been in to guns ever since i first laid eyes on them however i didnt shoot one till i was 13, after that my parents still didnt want me to own any at the time, it was 1 month before my 20th bday when i bought my own first gun ive been collecting and shooting for only a short 6 months or so now so really a newb, but just wanna hear everyones story
what got you in to guns? DAD
how long have you been into them? ABOUT 30ISH YEARS
are you using them for hunting, protection, target shooting, competition, job, or collecting? HUNTING, TRAP, SKEET, PROTECTION, AND FAMILY TIME
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Originally Posted by TAT2TOMMY View Post

1) what got you in to guns?

2) how long have you been into them?

3) what do you use them for?

4) are you using them for hunting, protection, target shooting, competition, job, or collecting?
1) My penis came at birth, guns followed shortly thereafter, a common downward spiral into Alpha-male-dom.

2) I got my first lever action BB gun at 4 plus years of age and by 5 I was shooting empty beer cans of a saw horse in the backyard under the guise of the man who gave me the gun, my father.

3) In this land, we live under 2A. The term "use" or "need" does not compute. I am allowed to have them, thus I have them. There is nothing more the collective "you" need to know.

4) Yeah. I am going with "Yes" on this one. With a subscript of answer number 3.

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I come from a very long line of soldiers, sailors and Airmen. This goes back at least 400 years. Firearms are no different. They go back many, many generations in my family and probably since they were first used in war. Everyone in my family owns firearms. So I basically grew up around them. I had my first BB gun at seven or eight, my first .22 at twelve. At 18 I went into the Army and did not buy another firearm until I got out.
I lived in the barracks so you would have to keep them in the armory and I just did not want to deal with that since I carried an M-16 anyway.
After I got out I bought a British L1A1 and loved it but for some reason I really missed the M-16 so I started looking for my first AR.
These were the dark days of the assult weapons ban and dark days they were my friends. But after many years of waiting and praying this unjust law was finally gone. I sold my L1A1 and built my first AR.

I love shooting, the feel of steel in it's perfect form, the smell of burning gunpowder. This is my life's blood.

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great stuff everyone!!!
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My Dad taught me about guns and took me shooting when I was ten. My Grandfather taught me how to aim when I was twelve. The Navy taught me how to rewire a Variable Frequency Drive Controller.

I owe all my shooting knowledge to my Father and Grandfather, I am waiting for my son to teach me to shoot.
People get the government they deserve.
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