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hq357 07-27-2013 05:10 AM

Why do you carry a pocket knife?
At my old job i remember there was a time where i had to pour a bag of flour into this bread maker machine. There was no way to open the bag so everyone was looking for somthing to open it because we only had butter knives. So i took out my handy pocket knife and neatly slit the bag open. My co-worker looked a me and said you carry a knife?! Like if i was crazy. I said yes i do its very handy and its a useful tool. She looked at me awkward and rolled her eyes at me and walked away like i was insane for having a pocket knife i didnt really understand her reaction but i carry a pocket knife for many reasons and have it everyday. Am i the only one that carries a pocket knife with them everyday or something? Lol i have a kershaw scalion. If you carry a pocket knife please tell me why? And also what kind of knife do you have? :D

hq357 07-27-2013 05:17 AM

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Post pics of the pocket knife you carry :) heres mine.

spack762 07-27-2013 05:22 AM

Ha! I've got the same reaction numberless times. I've carried a pocket knife since I was twelve. My monday thru saturday knife is a leather freestyle. 3'' folder with pliers. Very handie. On Sunday I take along one of my dads old knivies, an old hawkbill. Along wirh my knife I always carry a flashlight.

Gh0zt36 07-27-2013 05:41 AM

I carry a pocket knife because I conceal carry and I am of the school of thought if you are going to carry a firearm you should carry a tiered system of self defense so if the threat isn't a mortal threat you can greet the threat with an appropriate measure of self defense.

For instance . Did gz have to kill trayvon martin? I dunno , wasn't there . But for the sake of argument lets say no. Now what? You have an active threat posing a substantial risk to your safety but the threat assessment doesn't warrant deadly force , what do you do ? You have no baton , no tactical pen , no knife. All you have is a gun. Are you justified in using it ? Sure , but it probably would've been better to not have to use deadly force where less than lethal would've been sufficient. So I try to carry a big gnarly key chain that I wouldn't wanna get hit by. A pocket knife ( Kershaw asset speed safe spring assisted flipper ) 8cr13mov high carbon stainless and ofcourse my carry gun. So I have 3 levels of self defense.

Aside from that . Everyday utilitarian situations ofcourse.

DrumJunkie 07-27-2013 05:44 AM

A knife is a handy tool for many little jobs though out my day. I have carried a knife much longer than I have not. I'd be lost without it pretty much.

hmh 07-27-2013 05:52 AM

I carry a knife for utilitarian purposes only and the occasional snake. I always have a knife lighter (mini bic) flashlight and firearm. If someone is threatening me enuf to justify "cutting" them I would also be justified in shooting them and I would have a better chance of survival due to distance. You can also back step while drawing a pistol. If you pull a knife you go in on the offense.

Axxe55 07-27-2013 05:52 AM

i haven't not carried a pocketknife in well over 40 plus years. i view them as tool and something that is used daily in my work. from opening boxes, to tripping wire or scraping gaskets. i buy the inexpensive ones at Lowes for less than $15 and if they get broke or lost, it's not a huge deal. so far, those two cheap knives have actually held up pretty good. they take and hold a decent edge and have held up to all i have put them through, and i am not gentle with my work knives by any means.

Shootnscoot 07-27-2013 06:03 AM

A pocket knife is a tool, not a weapon. I started carrying one when I was in the Army. Perfect uniforms means no loose threads from your patches and seams. A knife keeps you looking sharp.(pun intended)

nitestalker 07-27-2013 06:04 AM

I have never understood the law on automatic-knives. Most of the states that allow you to carry a .45 Auto will arrest you for possessing a switch blade pocket knives. Yes, the laws concerning auto-knives are Federal as well, but many states have opt out of that. :confused:

kfox75 07-27-2013 06:06 AM

Even when I don't CC, I always have 2 knives with me. One is a Leatherman Sidekick, sometimes I carry a Wenger Swiss Army knife in addition to the Leatherman Both weak side. Strong side I carry one of several different spring assist liner locks. If I leave the house without a knife on me, I keep a Kubaton and a Scherade Viper clipped to the top of the door pocket, and Leatherman Wave in the glove box. that way, I am never without when they are needed.

My knives are primarily kept as tools. A good sharp blade has many uses, and is a good thing to keep on your person. They can double as a weapon if need be, but if it comes to that point, I have seriously messed up. Using a knife as a weapon is the last resort. A knife will never instantly stop the threat, so getting hurt as well is non-negotiable, and potentially fatal. Keep this in mind because if it ever comes to that, then the S has surely HTF.

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