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FALPhil 08-02-2007 07:28 PM

Who Likes Military Planes?
Here is my second favorite:

BLS33 08-02-2007 07:42 PM

I've always been fond of the P40's

SabreArms 08-02-2007 11:15 PM

B17's personally. Flying warships.

allmons 08-03-2007 04:47 AM

I love military airplanes! See some of my pictures in my gallery!


bkt 08-03-2007 10:48 AM

I used to work at Martin Marietta Aero and Naval Systems in Baltimore right next to Martin Airport. They had tons of Warthogs (A10) and C-130 Hercules there. The pilots were nuts. Entertaining, but nuts. Always loved the F-14...sad to see it get retired.

robocop10mm 08-03-2007 05:34 PM

Military planes
Heck, who doesn't. I built the WWII models as a kid. I think the baddest a$$ one out there is the A-10. Something about a plane that drops bombs, lights up the T-72 with the 30mm and flies home with half a wing just shouts out "America"!

oznbolivia 08-03-2007 10:57 PM

robocop10mm I'm sure someone out there does not but I'm not one of them. I've a lot of internet bookmarks that are nothing but military avation. Very partial to Naval Aviation. Might add I like general avation and commerical aviation. Shucks if it flys I like it.


FALPhil 08-04-2007 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by oznbolivia (Post 5628)
Very partial to Naval Aviation.

Here's 2 for ya:

SabreArms 08-05-2007 05:45 AM

I have to admit, I always liked the corsairs as well.

SheGUN 08-05-2007 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by FALPhil (Post 5549)

Second favorite?!?!? That's my first......... that Gau 8 is enough to cause me to break out in goosebumps!!!!

Also like the old F4 Phantom.

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